3 Ways to Accept Where YOU Are

One of the things that participants will learn during the Success Support Program is how to understand all of the 107 Soul Languages. Why would you want to know about another’s Soul Language? Well, so you don’t take things personally, so you can learn new skills, and to help you to feel that you are part of everything and everything is a part of YOU. I was able to access what I know about the Soul Language the Sextant for this tip. Again, you can learn more about the Sextant and Laura West below.

1. See How Far You Have Come?
Often when we feel lost, we forget how far we have come prior to this point. Today, break out the color pencils and create a beautiful map on how far you have come in your life. Make sure that you list all of your highlights, accomplishments and greatest. Taking the time to celebrate each win as you draw it on your map.

2. Where Do You Want to Go?
Do you feel lost because you are not sure where you want to go? Today, set the intention to receive just one new direction that you would like to travel in. Do not worry about how this knowledge will reveal itself to you, just set the intention and watch what happens.

3. Joyfully Step Ahead
Tomorrow, when you get out of bed and take your first 15 steps, take them with JOY. With each step state aloud, “I joyfully walk my path.”

Be Conscious * Be Connected * Be Soul * Be Successful

Learn more about Soul’s Language at www.knowsoulslanguage.net.

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