Finding Your Support — How JetBlue Loosing My Luggage Taught Me About Support

An ex-boyfriend and I use to have the same argument again and again. It went a little like this:

Jennifer: “I feel like you don’t support me.”
Ex-boyfriend: “I support you by…” (and then he would list all the ways he felt he supported me).

What I didn’t realize then was, we were both right. This concept of feeling support in relationships is a funny thing. Mainly, because support means different things to different people. What I find so interesting about the feeling of being unsupported, is that feeling will seep into every aspect of your life.

This was very apparent on Saturday. As I sat at Westchester Airport, no luggage in hand and looking at the empty baggage belt. Besides wondering where my luggage with all my favorite bits and pieces was, I was wondering how I can change from feeling unsupported to supported. I understood, if I was going to to Unsupported Town because of lost luggage well…

I know that every experience is a chance for me to learn to be more consciously in my soul and become more part of the Universal flow. That’s when the words support beam popped into my head.

A support beam is a beam that is supported at each end, and the load is then distributed along its length. If you remove it, the wall or building falls down. I believe this is how we view support in our lives; especially in relationships. Relationships can’t be your support beam. You need to be your own beam. You need to find what will help you distribute the load. Once you embrace this concept, what happens is relationships will strengthen that beam. Sort of like the nails in your beam of support.

With this new understanding of support, I asked myself what beliefs were at each end of my beam to distribute this load. Below is the exercise I created in order to create my new beam of support.

Please note that you will need a pen and paper. Sit in a comfortable chair and let your awareness focus on your tailbone. Take a deep breath and ask yourself the following question:

What is a belief that keeps your support beam standing?

What was your answer? The answer that I received to this question was: courage. This of course, fits nicely with my Soul Language the Graceful Warrior.

When you are starting to feel unsupported, that is the time to settle and feel that supportive belief.

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