Do You Need A Soul Vacation?

Last week, I was in Florida with my mother on vacation. I needed a cation from the everyday so I could reconnect with ME! I read six books (all fun fiction), swam, sat in the sun, and played cards.

I often view the Soul as a creative mass of energy. This energy needs time to pause in between of bursts of genius. Being on vacation made me think of times where I could use a little Soul vacation to help the creative process. I got to thinking on how to create this Soul vacation without utilizing vacation days. I also wanted to make sure I capitalize on the recent re-energizing downtime. For inspiration, on how to craft this exercise, I tapped into the Soul Language — Creator. These individuals will be known here for the ability to breathe into existence something that has never been in existence before.

Below is one of the exercises that connecting with the energy of this Soul Language generated. It is called: Take a Walk in Your Garden Please note that the exercise takes 30 seconds and read the exercise before conducting.

Settle into a comfortable chair and allow your awareness to settle into your tailbone. Take a deep breath and imagine a beautiful garden. Place in your garden all of your heart’s desire. This is a garden of your own making. Everything in the garden, is something you love. There are no limits. Take 30 seconds to feel the peace and comfortable of your perfect place. When you have felt the peace within you, set the intention to bring this peace back with you from your garden. Open your eyes.

The above exercise can be done anytime you are feeling out of sorts. I suggest doing this a couple of times a day and notice at the end of the day how you feel. Do you feel more refreshed? Did your day go more smoothly?

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