Consciously Using Language – I AM

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Consciously Using Language

What are you truly saying with I AM. A little background in regards to, “It stems from the Hebrew conception of monotheism that God exists within each and everyone and by himself, the uncreated Creator who does not depend on anything or anyone; therefore I am who I am…”*

So what are you saying with I AM. To me it is a declaration of total existence in your body and who you are. So what are we saying when we say:
I am hungry
I am sad
I am desperate

To me, we are saying that it is totally of who we are and that could never change. When I hear clients and program participant say the I AM, I ask the question, “Really is that who you are?”

Consciously Using Language means that I consciously use I am feeling…

I am feeling hungry
I am feeling sad
I am feeling desperate.

Start learning how to consciously use your language of soul.

Jennifer Urezzio

*From Wikipedia


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