How To Be Powerful and Get What You Want

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How to Be Powerful and Get What You Want

Language Tip of the Week

When you are experiencing fear about an issue it is very easy for you to feel powerless. Fear numbs the mind to hearing important information, asking questions and seeing a situation clearly. One of the major “fear factors” that can cause people to feel powerless is MONEY.

Money to many of us is about safety and survival. Here’s how you can be powerful and get what you want during a “fear factor” moment.

Take Deep Breath – Holding your breath, will increase the fear in your body.

Know Your Value – List all the ways that you bring value to the world. Feel that you have the right to be abundant.

State the Truth – Take another deep breath and state to yourself the truth, that I AM POWERFUL.

Now, its time for you to BE POWERFUL!
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