How To Be Powerful and Get What You Want

Understanding Your Soul Is the Answer

When you are experiencing fear around an issue it is very easy for you to feel powerlessness. Fear numbs the mind to hearing important information, asking questions, and seeing a situation clearly. One of the major “fear factors” that can cause people to feel powerless is MONEY.

Money is Safety

Money to many of us is about safety and survival. Here’s how you can be powerful and get what you want during a “fear factor” moment.

  • Take a Deep Breath – Holding your breath, will increase the fear in your body.
  • Know Your Value – List all the ways that you bring value to the world. Feel that you have the right to be abundant.
  • State the Truth – Take another deep breath and state to yourself the truth, that I AM POWERFUL.

Intention Setting Tips

Now, that you are out of fear you can be in the consciousness of possibilities. If you set your intention based on human needs, you will become distracted if those needs are not met. This is due to you setting intention based on lack, not from a foundation of wholeness and completeness. Remember, your intention is about directing and claiming – not about begging.

Setting your intention isn’t about reaching goals. Often, we become attached to our goals and if those goals aren’t met we feel disconnected and as if we have failed. When you notice you are getting attached, keep bringing yourself back to, “all is well.” When you stay in the energy of “all is well” or neutrality you allow opportunities to arise which might not have presented themselves before.

Allow Yourself to Receive

Allow yourself to be focused on your intention with the acceptance that because you are focusing your intention and are directing the universal forces, all has been set in motion.

This is a great place to utilize the exercises and knowledge from the Trust section in the workbook. 

When you hear the controlling and demanding voice in your head saying that you aren’t doing enough or nothing is happening, pause and reconnect to that part of you that knows the truth about your destiny – even if all the words are not in place to describe it yet.

Keep in mind – if you try to force an outcome, the results may not be as wonderful as if you allow situations to develop organically.

Understanding Intentions

Intentions are:

  • Without limits – science is proving our human consciousness impacts everything.
  • Impactful – you not only impact your life but have the opportunity to impact the lives around you with your intention and direction of the Universe
  • Expansive – you are stating who you are and what to be in your intention
  • Allowing – when you set your intention it gives your mind something to focus on and your mind will be aware of and understand new situations and opportunities
  • Heart focused – this is the time to get out of your head and move into your heart
  • Powerful – they allow you to claim and focus on the bigger vision of your destiny

Listening to your Soul allows you to access your own power. Ready to learn more about your Soul, secure your discovery session – where one of your three Languages will be identified.

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