Tips from a Warrior — 3 Tips to Making a Decision

One of my Soul Languages is that of the Graceful Warrior, I have written and spoken a lot about being the Graceful Warrior. When I understood that this was the language of my soul for the first time I understood, accepted, and valued my warrior-like nature. What are some “characteristics” of a Graceful Warrior: courage, strength, forceful, strategic, action-oriented, unyielding, never leaves a man down, loyal, compassionate, to name a few.

If Graceful Warrior isn’t your Soul Language, you can still tap into the courage and strength of the warrior to achieve certain goals that you need or desire.

Below are tips from this Graceful Warrior on how to make a decision:

  • Don’t Go Off Half-Cocked — Unlike the images in the movies, a Graceful Warrior doesn’t react without knowing as much information as possible. How can you make an accurate decision without knowing as much as you can about a situation?
  • Trust Your Gut — You gotten all of the information and people are telling you to go one way and yet in your gut you know the best answer FOR YOU is to go the other way — go the other way. Within you is an innate knowledge of what is in your best interest, TRUST IT.
  • It’s Not Personal — When you understand that everyone is bringing their own story to the situation then how can you take things personality? When your feelings aren’t hurt, you are able to access a situation more clearly.

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