Core Values as the Conduit to Soul

Core values. We hear this term a lot. “Know your core values.” But what does this mean? Why does it matter? 

Knowing our core values and living in alignment with them allows us to be centered in our soul. Not in the fickle passions of our heart. Not in the judgemental logic of our head. But in the deep, inner knowing of our soul. Our gut. 

Your soul is speaking; are you listening?

Our body tells us when we aren’t soul-centered. We get that feeling in our stomach we can’t quite name so we ignore it. Then it moves our chest and we wonder if it’s guilt or grief, anger or sadness.  But we can’t figure it out. 

So it moves to our head where we analyze and over-analyze and get stuck. We don’t know what to do so we keep doing what we’ve been doing. 

We know we should be doing something differently but we don’t know what. And we don’t know where to start. Eventually it erodes confidence, impacts relationships, and that tightness and uncertainty invades the rest of our lives.

But what if, the next time you felt that feeling in the pit of your stomach creeping in, you sat with it? You understood it meant to pay attention because something was off. 

The conduit to a soul-centered world of possibility

What if you had a decision-making framework that aligned your head and heart with your gut, so when you felt that pit in your stomach you had a blueprint that showed where you lost your way and how to get back on track?

That blueprint is rooted in your soul coming to life through your core values. It’s your calibration tool to make sure the beliefs you hold about yourself, about the contribution you want to make in the world, the vision you have for your life, and the way you want to spend your time are in alignment with your core values. 

And it’s a starting point for re-writing the script, forging a new path, or making small adjustments when you’re out of alignment.

Doing this work takes deep commitment. Vulnerability. Receptivity. Willingness to challenge assumptions and shift beliefs. To open to new possibilities. 

The reward is knowing what to do the next time you feel that put in your stomach before it gets to your heart and your head. Instead of getting stuck, you get soul-centered. You move forward and step into the world of possibility and opportunity that you know, deep in your soul, is where you are meant to be.

Carolyn Stein is a soul-centered Executive and Career Coach helping accomplished professionals overcome chronic job dissatisfaction that affects their health and relationships. Integrating life, career, and executive coaching Carolyn’s programs help people make changes that feel inspired, aligned, and intentional so they can step into more fulfilling work with time and energy for what matters most.

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