Google Doesn’t Have The Answers – You Do

Warner is painting a lot lately – which means we are YouTube-ing many topics about painting and art. Just recently, we were watching a painter talk about inspiration, and not waiting for it. The most successful painters are the ones that paint even when inspiration doesn’t seem to be calling.

I figure it’s like having sex. Sometimes it takes a lot of effort to get started, but once you do you’re all for it.

Why am I talking about this? I just finished two “Spiritual Lessons from the Dog Park” posts and I didn’t feel like writing my personal blog. So I thought I would Google what is the most spiritual term being Googled during 2021 – you know, for inspiration.

Googling for God

Prayer is the big search term this year, while the word GOD was highly popular in 2015. That got me to wondering – what happens after Google gives you the answer? Once you have the tool, the structure or the answer, how do you integrate the information so it’s wisdom you can use? How do you embody it?  One of the things I do is to be in conversation with that thing I call GOD . . . you can call it whatever you want.

I have never sat on a mountain or gone to a week-long silent retreat to talk to GOD. We have conversations all the time, and in some very strange places. I don’t wait until I’m in crisis or wanting something. I know that to have a collaborative relationship, my communication practice needs to be consistent.

What are the Questions?

During my podcast Asked and Answered By Soul, I always ask my guest “what big question are you asking now?” A lot of people answer: “how can I be more of service?” Since I know all the answers are inside of me and in my connection, I’m not asking that question. My question has always been: “how can I be closer to that piece of God within me?” I know I’m the only one who can answer that, because only I know what’s keeping me from feeling that connection in a bigger way. Do I seek help? YOU BET! I seek help when I don’t know why I can’t feel, see or hear the answer. And, I seek help when I need a bigger question.

How Big Is Your God

So often, our vision of the Divine is so tiny. There are all these hidden and sneaky ways that we put God in a box. Are you putting God in a box? How are you doing that, and what part (or parts) of your life is it impacting?

And here’s a question that will transform your life: Are you willing to let go of those experiences that aren’t serving you to be more connected? Ask yourself, and really be honest . . . because transformation can only take place if you answered yes.

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