Creating Your Relationship with the Divine

In therapy, you usually spend a huge amount of time re-framing your foundation relationship — the relationship between you and your parents.

I believe this foundation relationship is not only how you will create your relationships throughout your life but also your relationship with the Divine. Working to re-frame, forgive and re-create this foundation relationship will bring you closer to the Divine. How do I know this? I have been there. Sometimes this recreation and forgiveness process is easy and sometimes it is not. You can move from hard to easy by a willingness to let go of resistance.

So the question is: what do you believe that you are missing from your foundation relationship that you are reliving in your relationship with the Divine? For example: if you feel unsupported by your foundation relationship, how are you carrying over this feeling to your interaction with the Divine? How has this experience disoriented and not allowed you to see the truth of how the Divine really supports you?

Now, the real question is: how can you add something new into your relationship with the Divine? I believe the first step is to understand that the Divine can and will provide you with what you need always. The Divine has unlimited power. The Divine doesn’t have beliefs, misalignments, expectations or perceptions that can cause struggle and pain in relationships.

Start off small with your “new” relationship with the Divine. I’m not saying to test your relationship with the Divine, but I am suggesting that you build trust. Remember also to be an active listener in this new relationship with the Divine and don’t hold your feelings back — Express yourself. Don’t worry, the Divine can take it and will always love you know matter what!

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