Expeditions in Faith – Easing Spiritual Confusion

Have you ever purchased a new car? So many decisions to make: type, color, size, etc. Most of the time, we don’t place any attachment on those types of decisions. We can look at it from the point of view of what supports us and our community (in the case of the car – you and your family). The exact opposite can be true about defining or deciding what type of life you want to create and what role your spirituality is going to play in that life. When we want to experience connection more deeply and be closer to our higher power, we immediately begin to compare ourselves, experience our darkest fears, and have judgments.  

Here are some of the fears, judgments and obstacles which create confusion:

And that’s just to name a few. How can you utilize your Soul to create a deep connection? The first step is to fill your body with the knowing that you are safe and supported. Remember, this is a choice. Next, create a conscious connection with your Soul Language Team to receive the answers to the questions below.

Below are some starter questions for you to consider:

  • Why do I want to be closer to myself and my higher power?
  • If I had no fear or worry, what type of life would I be leading?
  • How can my Soul support me in creating and receiving that life?
  • Why is it for the greatest good of all to live the life that I know is possible?

I want to remind you that confusion is a way for your mind to keep you in the illusion of safety. It’s a tactic of ego and prevents you from experiencing more goodness and connection. Your Soul knows all the answers ­– it’s your brain that needs reminding.

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