Your Soul Is Talking To You

I have been a practicing, paid intuitive for over a decade and sometimes I still don’t always catch when my Soul is talking to me. Why do I miss it? FEAR. I’m afraid of what I might have to do or become if I listen to my Soul’s guidance. I forget that fear is only powerful if I allow it be.

How Is Your Soul Talking To You?

Our Souls do not suffer, judge, lie or possess any of the human qualities we so often like to bestow on them. Our Souls are pure Divinity and are individualizations of the larger Divinity. Your Soul “speaks” to you in a way that you can understand and using your database of history and references. For example I love science fiction, so my Soul frequently provides me with insight using Star Trek references.

I believe the key is to connect consciously and regularly to your Soul and ask questions. This way you will understand how your Soul is communicating with you.

You can start with an easy question: what do I need to know today? Or, a more complex question: how can I let go of feeling unsafe? Don’t forget to conduct your sacred practice, this allows you to hear your Soul more clearly. Remember to conduct your sacred practice – this allows you to hear your Soul more clearly. You can receive a free tool to create your sacred practice by clicking here.

Yes, Your Soul Repeats Itself

I bet you’ve made this statement: “I heard that from my Soul already”. The Soul can sometimes sound like a broken record because our humanness isn’t responding. Think of your Soul like a GPS that in its efforts to get you to your destination, will keep telling you to turn left – until you turn left. So often, we believe we know best so we choose not to listen to our Soul’s directions.

Forging a New Relationship With Your Soul

Relationships take time, commitment, understanding and a willingness to be present and conscious. What’s your commitment to your Soul and Divinity? Are you willing to let go of your pain and act from a place of wholeness and completeness? Do you have words to express who you are at a core level? Every time I choose not to listen to my Soul, I’m creating pain and suffering. This relationship is the most important one in my life and I’m willing to start listening to my Soul in a new way . . . are you?

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