Groundhog Day

The first week of November is my birthday – I turned 50 this year. A couple of weeks prior to my birthday I was feeling as if I was living in the movie, “Groundhog Day”. Get up in the morning, feed the cat, do my sacred practice, eat breakfast, work, watch TV and sleep. I was feeling as if the magic had been sucked out of my life and I had no idea why.

Living In Groundhog Day

Do you ever feel as if you have so many reasons to be happy and yet just can’t figure out why you aren’t? Well … that was me.

What I realized is that I was conducting my sacred practice on autopilot. That my connection needed an infusion. I realized I was past the dating phase with the Divine and was now at the seven-year itch mark. If I wanted to keep this relationship expanding, I was going to have to put the time in.

The First Time I Saw Your Face

All relationships take effort, and your relationship with the Divine is no different. Yes, it is always there loving and supporting you, AND if you don’t keep “seeing” that relationship with new eyes you will take it for granted.

Do you remember what it was like the first time you realized that there was something greater than yourself? Do you remember a time that you (if only for a moment) realized that you were connected to everything on this planet? That magic is still accessible to you all the time. The routine of everyday life can dull our senses to that connection. Even for just a moment, pause and really connect to those memories and request from the Divine a new way to deepen your relationship.

Are You Getting What You Want Out Of This Relationship

Recently, a client was explaining to me about an opportunity she received and was trying to determine what the Universe was trying to tell her. My comment, with love, was that she is the Universe, so what was she trying to explain to herself. So often, we (myself included) “blame” the Divine for what we aren’t getting. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I don’t even know what I want.

I do know that I want miracles, magic, fun, and freedom from my relationship with the Divine, yet am I putting those things into that relationship? The answer, lately, is “no”. I can’t blame the Divine for a life that I feel is humdrum. I have to access the magic within. So, I made a commitment to start feeling and seeing the magic in everything and decided to take my own prayer program, XXXI Prayers – 31 days of prayer prompts.

There Is Peace In Routine

Sometimes knowing what is coming next can create a profound sense of peace. By seeing the bliss of routine and understanding all the elements of the Universe that had to align to create that routine can create a profound sense of freedom. At any moment during the routine of things a different choice can be made to allow more magic into your world. There is a freedom in knowing that the sun rises and sets the same way every day and that from there you can make choices on how you want to spend that day. You get to accept your role in your own Universe and invite more play into your day. When you begin to be present in the moment, you are aware of all the little energetic experiences happening in your routine that you were unaware of before.

There was a famous disc jockey that used to end his broadcast with, “every day is a precious gift to be unwrapped.” When he signed off I would roll my eyes about that cliché, but now, with a lot more wisdom and experience, I understand what he meant – it is your choice to keep fostering your connection with the Universe each day in a deeper way to enjoy the bliss.

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