For Pete’s Sake Stop Using Scare Tactics!

Today I broke my number one rule. I looked at an email past 10:30 pm. This has been a strict rule for awhile with me. Why? When I open an email after 10:30, it always seems to be something that sets my blood on fire.

If you read any of my blogs, newsletters or tweets, they are carefully prepared. My editor proofs them because I stink at grammar and my spelling (even with spell check) well…

I’m throwing caution to the wind here because I firmly believe that it is time someone really, really says it.


Let me back up.

My intention is not to be a guru. Forgive me, I can’t find the exact quote, so I’m going to paraphrase it: I do not want to be a teacher of a lot of students. I want to be a teacher of teachers. So, I introduce my community to others that can inspire them to grow and expand, so they can inspire others.

Lately, I am been doing a lot of interviews and teleclasses. All of them have been vetted by me. I checked in with my guidance. I checked in with the Divine.

The email that I opened up was from a client, asking me my feelings on a program. She also included the email that was sent to her from an individual, that was introduce to her via me, about a new program offering.  I’m going to go on record and say that I know that I’m missing a lot of information about their interaction.

The email was pressured filled. It was filled with the energetics of if you don’t do this you are deciding to be small and  stay where you. It even went as far as to imply if you don’t participate in this program, you are letting the world down and you won’t have enough time to complete your mission (a huge fear of spiritual leaders). The really truly horrifying thing is this is not the first email of this type that I have read from people who are healers. My first reaction is, REALLY! If God, hasn’t come down and told me that I’m missing the boat, who the heck are you to think you have that right.

I don’t know anything about this program. I do know about the person and I can bet that it is content rich and heartfelt. And yet, this individual and many others, can’t seem to trust and allow those characteristics to ensure that their programs WILL receive an audience.

What the french toast? Really! Is this what you want to model for your clients, your community and the world. Is this consciousness? Do you remember that old commercial, I think it was for washing machines or something, when people were throwing things out the window screaming, I’m not going to take it anymore?

What am I going to do about it? My plan is to unsubscribe from individuals that are using scare tactics. If  you see any scare tactic language in anything I send out, you have my permission to inform me of it.  Another thing that I see a lot of in this arena, people forget to ask permission.

I’m here to help guide you through transitions and transformations. I know that I’m being supported and provided for, so I get to offer each client a sacred space to be their whole self and help them unlock the power to achieve  their heart’s desires. Only they know those answers, I do not. Only they know the key, I do not. I hold the space, support them and ask really good questions.

I know several things:

I am a spiritual leader of spiritual leaders
I am also a novice and there is always more to learn
Fear begets fear
Love begets love
I am willing to speak my truth

My last thoughts are:

If you build it they will come.  So, for Pete’s sake stop using scare tactics and it is my suggestion that you start using sacred talents.

And, thank you for listening, for reading, for sharing and for providing the inspiration.

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