Being Your Divine Voice

I have a client who is brilliant, but every time she needs to express her truth of who she is her throat begins to close.  As our work has developed, the beliefs, fears and experiences that used to close her throat are dissipating.

The feeling of tightness around the throat area is not uncommon, especially in powerful healers.  I have often called this fear to use your Divine voice.

This fear could have been created by using your voice and being punished or humiliated for it, or using your voice and having no one listen, or having a powerful message mixed with self-doubt.

So how do you start to utilize the power of your right to speak?  How can you release at least one layer of fear about speaking your truth?  How can you go deeper utilizing your Divine voice to speak your message of truth?

I don’t know how for you, but I can ask the right question to create the space so you can hear the answer.

Take a deep breath and allow your awareness to come into your tailbone.  This grounds and centers you, giving your mind something to focus on so the heart and Soul can steer the ship.  Ask Divine Intelligence to create a conscious connection with your Soul Language of Tone (personality Language).  If your Tone hasn’t been identified yet, ask Divine Intelligence to create a conscious connection with your Tone (Divine Intelligence will do the heavy lifting here for you).

Here comes the question that will help create a relationship with you and your Soul: What is the first step to stop hiding and start playing BIG?

One more question: what can I do every day to help me use my Divine voice and let go of fear?

Remember, whatever your Soul says is profound.  If you received an answer that brings with it more questions, please feel free to comment or email me.

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