Understanding Family Dynamics

Our family dynamics shape so much in our lives.  They shape our definitions of love and self-worth.  They influence our relationship with the Divine.  They set up our fears and our beliefs.  There is every kind of parenting book imaginable out there, from getting your children to sleep to fostering an intuitive child.

Several years ago, when I had my hand analysis done, I remember Baeth Davis saying that she wanted to get hand analysis into the school system.  I thought at the time that it was a great idea, and I still do.  Why? Because hand analysis and tools like it are profound ways of gaining insight into individuals to help them create the life that they desire.  Soul Language is another amazing tool to create that conscious connection between you and your Soul, so you have a deep understanding of your mission and your know your talents to fuel that mission.

One of the most amazing experiences with Soul Languages is when I get to identify a family.  It is such a insightful moment when a parent understands that they are a good parent and that, with a few tweaks, they can become a parent that fosters their child’s natural Soulful talents.

When you understand your Soul Languages, it is like opening up a book and reading all about yourself.  Now, imagine having that same knowledge about your child.  It can only make you more conscious about how you are interacting with, loving, fostering and parenting your child.

Amy M, who’s Axiom of Quest (or mission Language) is a Pioneer, has two twin girls.  One’s Axiom of Quest (or mission Language) is a Negotiator and the other’s is a Peacemaker.

Her two daughters couldn’t be more different Soulfully.  Recently, I asked Amy to share a little about her experience.

“Knowing their Soul Languages has helped me in better determining patterns in their behavior that reflect either their conscious or unconscious displays of their Soul Language strengths and opportunities for growth.  For example, one of my daughters is a Negotiator (Axiom of Quest; mission Language) through and through.  As a result, she is drawn to “making deals” every chance she gets.  In the past, I found this to be quite exasperating.  And now that I have the awareness that this is part of her Soul, I am not only far more patient when she moves into “deal making mode”, but I am also conscious of how to guide her into becoming more effective in her negotiation skills which result in far more win-win outcomes for everyone.”

When you understand your child’s Soul Language it allows you to help them build conscious behaviors which will help them live without struggle.  It will also give you the attentiveness to notice unconscious behaviors that are creating pain.

“My other daughter is a Peacemaker (Axiom of Quest; mission Language) and Sitting Buddha (Axiom of Translation; moment of your mission Language) and as a result shows up with certain needs and challenges around creating peaceful space for herself.  At the age of 5, I have observed that she often displays behaviors aligned with the unconscious representation of her Soul Languages.  And because of my heightened awareness of this, I am able to consciously provide an environment and guidance to support the conscious development of her Soul Language strengths.”

Individuals have their Soul Languages identified to get a better understanding of who they are and why they are doing what they are doing.  Imagine being able to provide that to your child so that they can use that information to help create the life they truly desire.

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