Giving Up The Fight

When I was younger, I was at war with everything. It’s not like I set out to be in conflict with the Universe, I just didn’t know any other way to be in the world.

Surrender Was a Very Dirty Word For Me

It meant that I was giving up and failing. It took me awhile to recognize and know the benefits of deep acceptance. In letting go of things, situations, experiences, and people I was holding on to out of protection, pain or stubbornness, I noticed I had a lot more energy to create my life the way I wanted.

No Power, No Way

It also created far more ease and flow in my world. I experienced the deep truth of this a few weeks ago when at 9:30 am on a Wednesday morning the power went out. I actually didn’t even know the power had gone out because I was so engaged in what I was doing. I only became aware after my text alert sounded and the neighbor asked if my power was on (while I was still trying to figure out why email wasn’t sending). At that point, I suddenly realized it was incredibly quiet in my apartment because the heater wasn’t on, the Aerogrow wasn’t churning and my background music was silent. Oh yay . . . I had no power in my house.

No Panic Means No Fight

I had a full day of meetings and sessions scheduled, and my cell phone was alerting me about its low battery. There was no panic, I didn’t get mad, I didn’t scream at the power people – I just took myself out to my car, plugged the phone in there, and did what I needed to until the power came back on – 5 hours later.

A year ago, I would have raged and been at war with the fact that I didn’t have power. I would have been calling the electric company and complaining bitterly about the outage. With this recent experience, I realized that choosing not to be in conflict with situations has given me a much deeper sense of peace. It might seem like a little thing, but it isn’t. In years prior, I would have been running around in a panic and then held on to the anger for days.

Questions for Peace

So, my question to you is: where are you waging war in your life, business, and relationships? Why? If you chose to move into deep acceptance of what is, what are you afraid of?

Here’s an easy tip to move you from war to peace in your life.

  • When you notice that you are warring against something, just PAUSE
  • Ask your Soul what pattern of lack is driving the energy of WAR
  • Now ask your Soul to fill your body with the consciousness of LOVE
  • Finally, ask yourself if you knew it was safe to be at peace, what decision would you make from here

If you don’t have a clue where, or if, you are creating conflict in your life, feel free to take my quiz on limiting patterns of warrior energy. The first 10 people who take the quiz will receive a special exercise for warrior energy to help you find the peace within.

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