Learning To Be Free Of The Matrix

C19 has been good for the Soul… WAIT… WHAT?!?!?!
Yes, I’ve said it.  C19 has been good for the Soul.  For those who know me, you have probably just spit out your coffee!!!  But hear me out, ‘cause I think I am on to something.

More To Life Than The American Dream

Before the world came to a screeching halt, I thought we were all doing our own thing.  I thought I had total freedom of choice over how I lived my life and what I wanted to do.  But did I really?  Back in the day, I had no idea that there was more to life than the “American Dream”.  Everything I did was by the book to achieve it.  And just when I thought I had, Reality TV shows came out, showing me how much I didn’t have, just how much I was personally lacking and how much harder I had to work to be like them.  I also got roped into paying hundreds of dollars per month on the phone, internet, and TV services, and don’t get me started on my learned need to check email and to get ‘online’ every day, multiple times per day, so I don’t miss anything.  When I look back, I think this is the definition of The Matrix. 

Finding Community

So at some point between then and now, I found the Spiritual community.  “Hurray,” I thought, “These people are going to get me free from the Matrix and then I’ll be able to live the way I want to and then I’ll be happy!”  So I started going to meditations and getting ‘healings’ from the Spiritual Gurus who channeled other-worldly beings and spoke light language and could talk to crystals.  And, they all seemed to keep their cash flow by giving some assistance and then finishing the sessions by letting me know that I still needed more ‘work with them’ because I was still lacking something.   HAHAHA!  I fell out of the Matrix frying pan and into the Spiritual Matrix fire!!!  Yet, I was actually feeling better and better about life and very happy to be part of that community and to have gotten the help they could provide!

New Year No New Me

Then along came C19.  OMG… I had 3 huge vacations planned in 2020.  It was supposed to be my Spiritual emancipation year!  I was devastated that I would not be going to Peru with Deva Premal and Mitten and to learn from the Peruvian shamans, and not going to New Zealand with Gene Ang and to learn from the  Maori shamans.  Instead, I fell headfirst into the ‘reveal’ of child trafficking, QAnon, the ‘Families’, mass corruption, and satanic rituals, on and on, etc., etc., etc.  I fell so far down that rabbit hole that things actually did start to unravel for me, emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and physically, and I slid back into feeling hopeless about life on this planet and the human race.  

Listening Is Key

So how C19 has been good for the Soul?  Well, for me 2020 had been quite the roller-coaster UNTIL I started listening to my own Soul.  It was when I trusted my Soul to disconnect from both the Matrix and the Spiritual Matrix that I found breathing room, clarity, my bearings, and a sense of peace.  I’d heard structures were going to fall apart in 2020 and for me they certainly did!  I am not saying that C19 came along just for me 🙂 … to wake me up and shake me up and get me to this new, fabulous, expansive space… but it surely has!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

Kimberly Tee, founder of Super Sexy Peace and The Happiness Retreat, is a visionary and leader whose life mission is to guide individuals to unlearn all the beliefs, patterns and structures that hold them back and keep them from being peaceful and living life as the super clear, supercharged, super sexy Self they truly are.

Her brand, Super Sexy Peace – Tools to Uncover Your Peace and Supercharge The Sexy You, focuses on teaching that peace is the cornerstone of happiness. Kimberly encourages people to express their true selves and in doing so release their natural ability to be a magnet for health, wealth, and well-being. You can learn more about her at whisper-words-of-wisdom.com

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