Great Intuitive, Bad Client?

I know that one of my talents is being able to utilize my intuition for myself and for others. What I have noticed about myself is I can be a bad client! How am I bad? If I’m in resistance, working with me is like playing tug of war. Once the resistance breaks, and I have that moment where all the knowledge clicks, then hold onto your hats!

My clients are transformational people, so when I wanted to realign the shape of my body, I turned to several transformational people I know. My team is: patient, full of courage, experts in their fields and supportive. These are qualities that I suggest my clients look for in their team members.

The other day, I was getting dressed for a dance class that I was taking with Laura Sullivan. (Laura is a wellness expert and {among other things} she taught me out to love kale. She makes these kale chips that I LOVE.) I started trying on different t-shirts and several of them that didn’t fit last month, FIT and looked good).

I took the dance class and during it I remembered what Christine Clifton always says during Nia classes, listen to your body. So guess what, I listen to my body and loved the class. After the class, I went home and had a lovely, healthy meal (making sure that the kitchen was closed by eight; that piece of important advice came from Shelagh Waters of Corwellness. At the last piece of body intelligence that I used was from Susie Shina. I made sure that the lights and TV were off by 10:30 and I was in bed for a good night’s sleep.

What has working with these transformational people taught me? To listen closely because you may never know when that bit of knowledge will allow you to reach your GOAL.

Be Conscious * Be Connected * Be Soul * Be Successful

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