Utilizing Your Soul Languages to Step Into the Spotlight

A lot of my clients are transformational leaders. There is a good chance if you are a leader, you will be spending sometime in the spotlight. Being in the spotlight can bring up a lot of fears for individuals and create self sabotage situations. This topic which impacts a lot of individuals will be the first group class in the Success Support Program on September 24th.

A recent Soul Language client who is a well known speaker and who is already speaking to large audiences was creating her spotlight to go out, because of a belief that she didn’t have anything of value to bring to her audience.

We worked with her Teacher (Axiom of Translation or her “doing” Language) so that she could understand that the knowledge was inside of her and gave her new tools and techniques to access that information.

The first exercise that I recommend for clients that are creating self-sabotage in regard to being in the spotlight is to determine the base of their fear. For some it is a fear of being unsafe, for others it is a fear of being unworthy, and for others it is a fear of being different. Once you have determine the core fear than the transformation can begin.

It is also important that you define what being “in the spotlight” means to you. Almost ten years ago, Baeth Davis analyzed my hands and part of my life’s purpose includes to be “in the spotlight.” I consider that reading one of the major stops on my journey to Soul Language. I will admit it took me a long time to determine what “in the spotlight” meant to me. Once I had a definition that resonated with me, it was easier to set intentions and ask the intelligent questions. I suggest quieting down and asking your Soul Language that deals with mission to define what “being in the spotlight” means to you. From there you can create your strategy.

Remember, the more you utilize the talents of your Soul consciously the easier your life with me.

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