Greatness – Are You Headed For It?

I knew I was Headed for Greatness

When I was a kid, I always felt that there was something bigger inside of me – I knew I was headed for greatness. I didn’t know what it was or what to do about it.  The thought of telling anyone about this greatness brought up fears of rejection, criticism or being made to feel small with the age-old “who do you think you are?!”

I Took Little Steps of Brilliance

There were little displays of genius – art school, starring in a play, a sought-after position in my career, and still something was missing. It felt like I was on the road to mediocre, not my true path to magnificence. So how did I change that?

I Wanted To Be Happy

I eventually realized that expressing my greatness was the key to my happiness. Mine, not anyone else’s! The moment I made that decision, I was able to hear and realize that truth. My greatness isn’t about what I do, what I have achieved, or being of service – those are side benefits.

The expression of my greatness is a deep knowing that I’m loved and supported no matter what occurs in my life. This is the consciousness that I roll out before me like a giant red carpet. This knowing is what draws opportunities towards me.

I’m Smart . . . So What?

I’m turning 50 this year and the other day I suddenly realized . . . I’m smart. When I was younger, I thought: “I wish I was smart”. I could achieve distinction if I was smart. I know now that my importance isn’t tied to anything but me being a Soul, and no one can take that away from me. No one’s opinions matter to me on a Soul level and this truth has created great freedom in my life. Now, realizing that I really am smart doesn’t seem to matter, and maybe that’s why I can actually see and deeply accept the truth of who I am for the first time.

What Does Greatness Mean To You?

You need to determine for yourself what your “spotlight” looks like. Is it on stage, showing your work in a gallery, writing a book or building a community of people who love and support you? Your brilliance is personal and it is tied to your connection and love of yourself. Are you ready to define it and truly be it? To understand whether you are fulfilling your deepest potential, you can take the Greatness Scale survey here.

Tangibility of Greatness

We might have more than one life to live, but right now you are in this one. Are you ready to make the most of it?

What would it feel like to reflect on your life and say, “wow…look at all the ways I expressed my Divine nature?”

I spent the last six months exploring this topic with a small group of individuals, providing tangible tools to access and achieve their hearts’ desires for freedom, their “spotlight”, and full creative expression. If you are interested in hearing their stories or joining the next program in March, click here.

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