Are You A Hero?

Are you a hero? Yes! You have greatness in you waiting to be expressed, and it is only when you accept that you are the hero of your own life that you will live without ongoing day-to-day struggles.
What’s Holding You Back
One of the things that can hold us back from recognizing ourselves as our own hero is that we spend a lot of time and energy comparing ourselves to others. I have watched this habit amplify over the last few years with the introduction of Facebook as a pastime in our daily lives. Just for a moment, imagine if Wonder Woman or Captain America spent all of their time comparing themselves to Supergirl and Batman.
Stop Comparing Yourself
Constantly comparing would create a disconnect between what they said and did. Instead of spending time performing superhero deeds, they would be angsting over every decision. All the second-guessing would hold these heroes back, keeping them from carrying out their individual missions and enjoying lives of purpose.
Heroic Qualities
What are your heroic qualities? Where does your greatness want to be expressed? Some of these talents and gifts can be brought to your consciousness more easily by understanding your Soul Languages. My mission here for example, is to be an Equalizer. My heroic qualities are the ability to create balance and restore equilibrium. Sounds a lot like Wonder Woman to me.  Another way to understand your heroic or greatness qualities is by acknowledging those dreams that you want to bring into reality. What do you wish to create? Would Superman or The Wasp spend time worrying about whether they were worthy to receive that creation? I think not. And, if you want to understand how you are using your greatness, click here to take the Greatness Survey.
Connect To Understand You
Take a minute today to consciously connect with your Soul Language category, Axiom of Quest. If your Languages haven’t yet been identified, set the intention to connect with that part of your Soul that is the Axiom of Quest. This is the core energy of your Soul that knows what you are profoundly here to experience and then offer to others. If you don’t know your Axiom of Quest, and haven’t had a discovery session, click here to find out more.
Ask yourself this expansion question: What is one of my hero qualities
What did you hear, feel, or sense? Did you judge the information that you received? Allow yourself to experience your hero quality without judgment. Now, ask how can you utilize that in your daily life to both give and receive? From this place you can create the life you desire, whether that is more money, more supportive relationships, or a deeper connection with the Universe. Your greatness and hero qualities are here to support and bring those dreams into reality.
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