Ready, Let Go Of Fix-It Mode

Every so often, my webmail service sends me a list of people who have unsubscribed to my newsletter. I usually go in and delete these people from the master list. This month, when I noticed that someone who is a former client had unsubscribed, I immediately went into self-judgment and fix-it mode: what did I do wrong? Why doesn’t she like me? Am I sending out too many e-mails? Too few?

And then I went into “fix it” mode. This happens when we:

  • Feel an emotion that is displeasing
  • Have an experience that is painful
  • Want something that we aren’t getting

Learn To Feel Your Emotion

When we feel emotion that is displeasing, we tend to move into “fix it” mode. Let me fix it so I don’t feel this sadness, not enoughness, rejection, fear, etc. Let me fix it so I get what I want.

You Are Already Whole and Complete

The trouble with trying to fix yourself is that you are already whole and complete – so, instead of choosing to expand and evolve, you are using your energy to fix something that isn’t broken.

Yes, to transform your life you change your belief systems and your patterns. Or, to say it another way:  you transform your life by changing your relationship with yourself and the Divine. You’re not altering your patterns or relationship because they are broken. You are choosing to create a shift because the old way is no longer serving you.

Let’s Stop Listening To People Who Talk To Your Pain

Traditionally, communications offering products and services focus on addressing your pain points . . . “you’re not this, and we have the solution”. Fortunately, things are changing and the new models point out how products and services can enhance your life instead of offering to “repair” all the things that aren’t right with you.

By pausing right now, you can begin enhancing your life by listening to your Soul and your Divine Truth. For a free tool to support listening to your Soul, click here.

Let Other’s Know You Are Whole and Complete

So – the next time someone offers to fix you, I suggest you let them know you are already whole and complete. And remember, if you are whole and complete, everyone else is as well – they just might not be expressing it.

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