Tapping Into the Now To Create From Your Soul

There is a line in the recent Avengers move “Endgame” (and I’m paraphrasing here) that says “humans will not truly learn to create unless they forget where they have been”.  And (spoiler alert!) yes, I know it is said by the evil guy that destroys half the Universe, but there is some truth here…

Your Creative Energy

Much of our creative energy is based on past experiences (lack) or used in trying to secure a safe future (worry and doubt). When we create from those platforms, the results are not what we really desire.

If you have been in consciousness circles, you will have heard some talk about the only time we have is NOW, but what does that really mean? How can we utilize the NOW to support our desires for abundance and freedom?

The Consciousness of NOW

I’m not saying it is easy, and anyone who says that is not providing all the facts. It takes consciousness and ongoing practice to keep bringing yourself back to the consciousness of NOW.

My practice is simple. When I find myself floating in the past or the future, I say to myself: Divine Intelligence, place me in the consciousness of the NOW. Try it. What did that feel like?

Nurture the Powerful

Also, I nurture the powerful belief that: right now, all the good is mine. And yes, some days this is easier than others.

Why do you want to be in the consciousness of the NOW? If you are living in the past or the future, they are influencing your creative process and ability to manifest. Being in the NOW allows you to utilize your power to accept and receive the goodness of the Universe, rather than crave it.

You can ask your Soul this question: “what does my Soul suggest to support me being in the NOW?”

When you consciously create your own practice for staying in the NOW, you will open up your power of manifestation.

Coming Into the Now

What is your sacred practice for consciousness? It is so important to keep updating your tool box because new tools create and allow new awareness. One of the ways you can stay in the NOW is by reviewing your past creations with consciousness, which is why I developed the Consciousness Evaluation tool.

The purpose of this tool is to provide you with a method to look at a creation from a place of neutrality so that you can tweak your manifestation process and expand your receiving. This process is designed to evaluate utilizing both sides of your brain, left (analytical) and right (creative). To learn more and purchase, click here.

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