How To Taste The Nectar of Life

One of my favorite parts of stepping into the new year is discovering the animal card that represents the upcoming year. Last year was Wolf – all about strengthening my voice as leader.

The Year of the Hummingbird

At first blush, Hummingbird is all about joy and living within beautiful environments all while helping others “taste the succulent nectar of life.” I am 1000% on board with this!

The deeper work with Hummingbird is to: drop judgment and relax.

I am stellar at helping others relax.

I am stellar at helping others release their judgments of themselves and relax into the flow of their Soul.

I am less stellar when it comes to dropping judgment of myself. The “big” judgments have eased (I used to flirt quite heavily with the belief that I was simply a failure) and now it is more death by a thousand small cuts of judgment. For example, I haven’t emailed my community in more than a month (cut), I’ve let my YouTube channel just sit there (cut), I’ve been writing my book for over a year now and haven’t attended to it deeply in over 2 months (cut).

Applying Hummingbird Medicine

My warrior nature (I carry Huntress in both my business and personal languages) does not quite fully comprehend joy as a motivating, forward moving force – especially when compared to judgment.

When I am in full alignment, I know the absolute Truth of it; after all, one of my Money Languages is Heart Conscious. This additional energy that I brought with me clearly knows the power of joy and money.  And yet, there’s still this remaining habit that creates a sense of judgment when something wasn’t done quite right.

The Big Theme of Inner Work

So, one theme of my inner work this year is to integrate joy into my skill of getting things done.

Judgment is such a pervasive, sneaky habit that so many of us carry. And this old habit can wreak havoc with our bottom lines. Judgment either slows down our creativity or pushes us into working so hard that we have no time to enjoy the literal fruits of our labor, or keeps the money in the bank because spending on joy is ‘wrong’, or gives all our extra money to those outside of us.

Is judgment one of your Achilles heels? How does it show up for you? Where are you willing to apply Hummingbird medicine – or the guidance of your personal Soul – to release the old habit?

Jennifer Bloome helps you remember how to create from the inside-out.  Most of us were taught to push and strive and manipulate external factors to create.  Jennifer shows you how to use your Inner Capital to create. The beautiful part of this is that when you create from your Inner Capital, the success you achieve is in complete alignment with your heart and soul.  Your whole system knows how to do this; it’s just been hidden behind thoughts, beliefs and experiences you’ve gathered during your human experience.  Using a variety of energy medicine tools and Soul Language, Jennifer will help you identify and release the blocks which keep you from utilizing and creating from your Inner Capital.  Jennifer works with people on all kinds of creations from babies to financial prosperity.

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