The Art of Transformation

When we are struggling and in pain, these are signs that our Soul is calling out for some radical inner transformation. Struggle shows up in different ways for each of us – is it showing up in your bank account, your relationships, feeling lost or without purpose? And sometimes, when your Soul really wants to remind you that you are whole and complete, the struggle will show up in every aspect of your life.

Remember the Truth

It can be a challenge, in these times especially, to remember the truth that you are one with the Divine, that these experiences are not the essence of you, and that “this too shall pass.”

Often, we want to fix something and make it better. And those with warrior Languages will want to move into action and bring this conflict to its knees. All this creates is more struggle, more resistance, and more pain.

The key to resolution is what warriors fear most – surrender.

Acceptance is Surrender

As humans we can spend a lot of time in non-acceptance. We do this because we believe it will change the situation, that it will protect us, and in general we think we are forgiving, but we tend to hold grudges. When we choose to enter into deep acceptance about a situation, it allows us to surrender the charge around it. It no longer has any power over us. We once again have the freedom of choice.

Transformation Is Like Art – Messy and Beautiful

How do we go about transforming our lives while still operating from a belief that we are whole and complete? We transform those parts of us which are still propagating the lie that we are not enough. I would like to say that transformation is graceful and easy, but I would be lying. It is sometimes, messy, painful, and annoying. And – I also don’t know anyone who has transformed their life, then reflected back and regretted it.

What I find supports transformation is having a toolbox of questions that support you noticing where you may be feeling not enough.

Participating in Transformation Practices

Often, we don’t believe transformation is taking place because in order to feel safe we want to know how it all turns out. We will never be able to see the entire picture since we don’t have the Divine’s point of view. And, often, when we receive more than one transformational step, we get overwhelmed and shut down.

Warrior and action Languages like to see the entire game plan and strategy. This way we can react and determine ahead of time how we are going to ensure our safety. So, I always suggest starting transformation with the belief that: all is unfolding for your greatest good and you are safe.

I believe the difference between individuals who are experiencing the bliss of life and those that are weighed down by it is committing to and continuing a spiritual practice and taking action on the guidance and support of the Divine.  One of the tools I use is called The Art of Transformation, which provides a series of questions to support my transformation. (You can secure your copy of that tool by clicking here – IT’S FREE).

The simplest question you can ask to move into more wholeness and completeness is: what can I accept about my life, this situation, and myself?

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