Identifying with Success

It can be very interesting to observe yourself through the eyes of others. What we may find frustrating in them is what we are really annoyed about in ourselves.

So often we are entrenched in our stories of failure. One of the phrases I hear a lot is, “I tried that and it didn’t work.”

I was thinking about this the other day . . . if I had believed that statement I would have never gone on a date with Warner. I had definitely tried relationships before and they didn’t work out. In fact, they were painful.

The Universal good moves in the direction of our thoughts. If we keep affirming that we do nothing but fail, then guess what? Yep…we will get what we ask for, because the Divine loves us and the Universe is always saying “yes!” to our direction.

The Divine isn’t making decisions for us…it just wants us to be loved. So if we believe that we are a failure, the Divine will, with deep love, provide that for us.

I hope this tip supports you in identifying with success and if this topic resonates with you, I invite you to participate in my upcoming class – Identifying with Success:  Calling Back Power From Situations of Failure or Loss (you can owe this replay for just $10).

It is nearly impossible to create success, when the images, thoughts and actions you are putting out to the Universe are ones of failure.

There are a number of reasons why we might be “stuck on failure:”

  • lack of self-worth
  • a painful experience
  • fear of success
  • fear of failure

Whatever the emotional or spiritual reasons behind this pattern may be aren’t necessarily important.  It is what you choose to be and do in the next instant that is…

What if each step and every road you took led you to success? What would that be like? What thoughts come up when you are feeling or thinking about success?

Let’s ask the support of our Soul so we can start to identify with success.

Create a conscious connection with your Soul (via your Soul Language Team) and ask the question below:

How can I tap into the infinite knowledge inside of me that knows success is mine?

What did your Soul say? Now that you have the internal response, it’s time to put that into action in your life – so reconnect and allow your Soul to answer this question:

What action can I take every day to identify and claim my success?

Taking the next action, is very powerful. You might considered downloading this free tool to consciously elevate your life and business.

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