Is Your Judgment Keeping You From Your Success?

I have noticed that when an individual is getting ready for a big, big breakthrough, the voices of doubt can become louder than usual.

Leaders and leaders in training are use to going it alone, always giving love and support but often have trouble receiving it. On that grand scale, things can be a little overwhelming.

It made me think about how the hardest thing for people to accept is LOVE. By not accepting love—love of the Universe, the balanced love of supportive relationships, love for yourself—are you setting yourself up for failure?

Are you:

  • comparing yourself to others?
  • judging whether your life is moving at the pace you’d like?
  • punishing yourself for mistakes you think you have made?
  • feeling that you are not worthy of the love of the Universe?
  • always in giving mode, judging yourself when you want something?

I believe people often see success as validation of their value. They try to get successful by doing, doing, doing. Success starts inside, at the cellular level. Every part of you needs to know how successful you are being YOU. Only then will your outside world reflect that.

Judgment is the easiest road to failure. It’s time to start using the tools of your Soul to express love to yourself, to forgive yourself, and to feel how successful you are.

Be Conscious * Be Connected * Be Soul * Be Successful

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