Missing Your Community Because You Are Focusing On Getting It Right

I read an interesting line in a book the other day (it was a mystery; I don’t read anything but fiction), “…I was so focused on getting it right, that I wasn’t paying attention to my feelings….”

I stopped and grabbed a pen and paper. I had to write it down. What I noticed about certain Soul Languages (Image Maker, Teacher of Integrity, Arranger, Mortar Maker) is that they can be so focused on getting everything so perfect that their community has drifted off or they are unable to receive their community.

What do feelings have to do with this? Plenty! Recently, I attended an amazing event held by Christine Clifton called Move Your Power! One of her handouts included a list of emotions.

If you are experiencing fear, anger, disappointment, exhaustion, depression (to name a few) when creating a program, package, a relationship, or a partnership, well this is a sign that you are out of alignment with what you are creating. As a leader or a leader in training, if you are worried, concern, anxious about being perfect, you will miss connecting and speaking to your community. A leader without a community is like a fish out of water.

How do you get back in your zone? You need to understand what your zone feels like. I work with the members of my community to show them using their Soul Languages, how to place their body in a feeling of working consciously and without doubt. What does that feel like? Well to me, it feels like driving with the top down on a sunny September day. A sense of freedom, of lightness, of abundance, of knowing (and here’s the important part) and acting who you are.

In order for you to receive your community (or build your community), it is important you don’t use perfection as an excuse to hide from them. We will be discussing this topic further, during the Success Support Membership Program.

Be Conscious * Be Connected * Be Soul * Be Successful

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