3 Ways to Lead Your Community

As a leader of a community (or a leader in training), you need to understand:

  • your commitment to your community
  • your goal for yourself in this community
  • the purpose of the community
  • what tools you are providing to your community
  • where you need your own support from outside the community

Put it in Writing
It is important that both you and your community know your commitment to the group, so take the time to place this commitment in writing. Most of us don’t write it down because we are afraid of responsibility. When you write it down you are saying, this is what my intentions are and I am accepting that power in myself to lead.

Find the Common Purpose
Take a moment to be still and ask Soul what is the common purpose of your community. Then select a couple of community members and ask the same question. This is so you can see and understand how you and your community views your common purpose.

Act the Leader
One of the most important aspects of leading is understanding when you need outside input in regards to your community. Leaders can sometimes feel as if they cannot be vulnerable or feel the need to know everything about everything. That is not leading; that is called a dictatorship. Each day ask what you need as a leader for yourself and for your community.

If you are a leader or a leader in training, the Success Support Program will provide you with tools to: find your community, support your community and feel the support you desire.

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