Are You Asking Yourself Where Is My Community?

The clinch is true, no man is an island. We, especially leaders or leaders in training, wrestle with the desire to be an individual and have a community or tribe. If you are a leader or a leader in training there is an intense desire within you to:

  • know and have a community or tribe
  • to help give this community or tribe the tools to accomplish what they desire
  • to feel supported (financially, spiritual, mentally and emotionally) while being the leader of this community or tribe
  • to be recognize for your individualism

There are several Soul Languages that leadership is within their Soul DNA. A couple of these Languages that include leadership in their Soul Language definition are: Matriarch/Patriarch, Conductor, Sovereign, and Sheppard.

If your Soul is one that yearns for a community and you don’t understand how to go about generating that community or tribe, read on!

Recently, I was speaking with a Matriarch (Soul Language category dealing with mission) and she was expressing how she understood this leadership talent within her Soul and yet, was frustrated that her community was no way to be found. My next question to her was a simple one: “How many people follow you on Twitter?” The answer is: 1,100. That’s more individuals that were in my high school. So that brings us to strategy to seeking your community.

Your Community Is Right In Front Of You
I’m all for intention, focusing and asking the Universe exactly what you want. You have to understand that sometimes, even if you are thinking you are being clear to the Universe, the Universe might not see it the same way.

My suggestion is to make a list of all the individuals you know and write down the three things they all have in common. Is the common theme with these individuals something you have already master (leader)? Is it a theme that you are currently mastering (leader in training)? Did you notice a theme about your community that you were unaware of?

During a session with an individual who speaks the Soul Language of Sovereign (Soul Language category dealing with personality), we were discussing her career and her desire to connect with her community. She was mentioning that the current reporting, she is an on-air fashion expert, wasn’t meaty enough for her. She has an desire to help others transform their lives and the reporting was too surface for her. I remarked that this material seemed to be starving her emotionally, spiritual, mentally, and physically (financially). We discussed ways to begin to connect with to her community with material that she could really sink her teeth into. That brings us to another strategy in seeking your community or tribe.

Don’t Water Down Your Passion
Be passionate about what you are providing. Think of passion as a tool to clear paths, blocks and restrictions. Often we can make our lives more complicated then they need to be. If you have lost site of your passion, we will be discussing how to keep passion on track during a group class in the on-going Know Soul’s Language Success Support Program.

Above are just some of the strategies for creating or generating your community. Remember, this community or tribe search can be an easy fluid process or it can be a process of struggle, that decision is up to you.

There are several Soul Languages that are geared towards leadership, one of these is the Matriarch/Patriarch Soul Language.

Be Conscious * Be Connected * Be Soul * Be Successful

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