Learn The Keys of Grace and Liberate Your Emotion

This past week I was speaking with a friend, who was experiencing some feelings of anger and she was looking for an answer on what to do about these feelings. She picked up The Keys of Grace affirmation cards and selected The Child Queen (see visual). This card’s focusing words are: Liberate Your Emotion. What I love about using a tool like this is, if you are having trouble hearing that inner wisdom, it allows you to tap into it with a flip of the cards.

Often we will use the tool of anger when we don’t fully understand something in our lives. Ask yourself, what situation you do you not understand fully and what emotion are you using to process that situation (anger, sadness, frustration)?

Free (or liberate) your emotion. No queen or king can move forward with the weight of anger or self-loathing. The moment your child understands that anger is not the answer, but a symptom of the pain, that is the moment of your coronation.

The affirmation for this card is: I AM AT PEACE. Isn’t it time that you moved towards peace and away from anger.

I believe that Marshall B. Rosenberg said it with elegance, “At the core of all anger is a need that is not being fulfilled.”

Here’s to fulfilling your need. The Keys of Grace affirmation deck can be purchased by clicking here.

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