Laura Greco’s From The Heart Tools For Transforming Part 3


This week we will take a closer look at habits. We all have them, and, as it turns out, these habits are the wheels with which we roll throughout our lives. We have, for example, hygiene habits, eating habits, work habits, resting habits and the list goes on and on. Our habits are the framework of our daily lives…the way we roll.

You will notice that in the previous 2 blogs, Transforming Tools and Transforming Tools Part 2, tools were introduced which are, in fact, new ideas for new habits…the encouragement was to adopt these new habits that support us. In addition, we were encouraged to observe thinking habits. I am referencing the 7 Laws of the mind.

I received some feedback with reference to the drink of water first thing…some of you were encouraged by the idea to consider achievement cards and gratitude cards that you would like to incorporate into your daily life. You were drawn to the fact that these are actions that support “you”. Adopting these suggestions require a new habit, which is a decided action requiring mindfulness…and becomes a habit that supports you and all those who adopt such habits.

As we examine habits, we realize that in our lives, our habits define us. When we look at our lives, examine where we are, examine where we are headed, we realize that the key is in the habits. There lies the key to Transformation.


So let’s become the observer. Let’s go through our day and mindfully examine our habits in our daily routine. Let’s ask the question, “Does this habit serve me? Does this habit enhance my life, my journey? What habits do I see that, if cleared out to make room for new habits, would bring you and I closer to where we want to be heading?

Now some habits are more obvious. I challenge you to look a little deeper, no pressure, no judging, just observe. Here are some examples:

When you wake in the morning, what is your first thought? Is it joy or dread?

When you make your way to the bathroom and you see yourself in the mirror, what do you see? Do you see all your supposed flaws, or do you look at your eyes? Do you say a welcome greeting like Good Morning? It is so great to greet the day. A deeper question is, “Can you look into your own eyes?” This may seem silly, but be patient. There is much to learn about this and we will address this another time, but I remember the first time that I did this. It was very interesting and powerful!

For further reading on this very important consideration, I recommend you read more on this in the book called “The Greatest Salesman in the World”by Og Mandino. Chapter 8 addresses habits…enjoy.

I thank you once again for reading and applaud you for taking time for yourself. Remember, and it is written, “You must love your neighbor as yourself” with the amount that we love ourselves, it is that amount that we can love others. Let’s become abundant in our love. That is the greatest and most enduring gift.

So lets examine habits.

Please leave comments. Whatever your thoughts are, they are welcome and encouraged. Let’s discuss our path to transformation with love and gratitude.

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