Laura Greco’s From The Heart – Tools For Transforming Part 4

On a personal note:

Today I’d like to share a bit of myself with you. This is in reference to my personal health journey. I have struggled with Autoimmune issues for some time. This is a condition where the immune system in the body attacks itself. In my case, it affects the thyroid, and as I have recently learned, my digestive issues are also a result of a celiac condition and some other food allergies, which cause inflammation within the body.

This was deemed by the medical establishment as incurable and therefore, the only hope of normalcy is to take a pill. I always felt there was another answer and had my radar in tune with finding such a thing.


So while searching, I found that my discoveries came in steps.

First: I discovered that chemical exposure reeks havoc on our bodies and so I learned the wisdom of reducing my exposure and live a cleaner life.

Second: I discovered and experienced the benefits of proper nutritional supplements, which supported my body systems.

Thirdly: I learned that my food choices make a difference, so I found someone who has helped me to put together an eating plan that best suits my body’s needs, and therefore, reduce the inflammation in my body.

Lastly, I made a huge discovery. There is a great need for the healing of my mind and heart. I discovered that all the physical changes, although wise and helpful, could not really impact my health without addressing this segment of my life.

The Center of Healing

It is this last point that I now linger on, because this is really the whole of the matter. I came to appreciate that, like so many others in life, I had grown up with much sadness and pain and fear. The people who raised me had their share of it and knew nothing else and passed this on to me. Like so many of us, there I now had a choice (which many of us do not even realize we are making). Some of us buck up and endure the sadness and pain and often fear, some of us endure and give in, and some of us are seeking for answers.

For years I bucked up and chose to move past it all. I was seeking a different path. In doing so I continued to carry all this sadness and pain and fear along with me. These were all hiding inside of me while I wore a smile. My body took the brunt. That is what ignited my illness. It was not the cause. I do not say that hereditary weaknesses are invalid. What I am saying is that the conflict within our minds and hearts shows up and eventually emerges, so that we must pay attention. I am so grateful that my body did just this, because I was made aware that I must care for myself and love myself in order for me to be of the best service to myself and ultimately others.

My First Realization 

It was about 10 years ago now that I begun a significant journey of healing through one of the darkest times in my life. In seeking help for one of my hurting daughters, I discovered an answer, not only for her healing, but also a beginning of a journey of healing for myself. While working with her pain and sadness and lack of love for herself, I became part of the healing process. As such, I was given “homework” as she was, too. One of these assignments hit me in a way that changed me and put me on a quest that I still am on today. I was sent home with the assignment to go before a mirror and look myself in the eyes and say the words “I love you.” Wow! It seemed like such a simple task!

Have you ever done this? For me it was a real awakening. For those of you who know me, you know that I am a very interested listener and always make eye contact during discussions with people. Well here I was looking into my own eyes and I was reduced to tears. I looked and asked myself, “Who is this person?” I have looked at her so many times and never really saw her. The tears just flowed, and I knew that it was time for me to make changes.

It is written, “Love your neighbor as yourself” for the sake of myself and my daughters and all those who knew me, and for the sake of my spiritual self, I realized that I must go down this path.

My Admonition to You my Friends – Your New Tool

May I make an admonition to you? Take the time today, then tomorrow and then the next day tolook into the mirror, into the eyes of yourself. What do you see? Are you able to utter the words, “I LOVE YOU”? If you can, please don’t stop. If it is hard, give yourself permission to learn how. In doing this, you are embarking on the greatest journey that you will ever travel, the journey of knowing yourself, loving yourself, and then you give the greatest glory to the One…the Divine…For it is written that “God is love.” “There is faith, hope and love, these three, but the greatest of these is LOVE.”

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