Laura Greco’s From The Heart—Tools To Transform Part 5

The Story of “What If…”

As youngsters, we come into this world full of wonder and love and questions. We know our needs and we let others know too.

Then, as time moves on, we are shaped into conformity. We of course, want to consider others and show love blended with respect for others. We know that this is vital. Love is All and transcends All.

Ah! Then comes the other conformities…the “shoulds” and should “nots”. I am talking about those ideas that are actually based in fear and lack of faith.

Those who came before us were raised in the same way and so it is passed on, much like the color of our hair or the shape of our nose. We often don’t question it, and if we do, we are corrected. It is no one’s fault. I will add. We were all children at one time, and I know for one, that my childhood abusers were also children and hurt, too, at one time. They simply grew up and repeated their pain.

Yet, somewhere within us, we are still that young child, hidden away. Eventually our minds and bodies wear down. The pain takes its toll. What we have stuffed and hidden, those dreams and questions that have long been put aside and perhaps forgotten, begin to cause us pain. It can show up in many ways. It might be physical, mental, or it might be relationship struggles, so many ways of showing up. Then we are faced with a choice, a choice that none of us escape. We all come to that place, the fork in the road where we will either accept what is and live with it OR we embark on the Journey of the Unknown, the “Journey of What Ifs”.

So what does it take to travel a road that is less traveled, the Journey of the Unknown, or as we have come to know, the Journey of the Hero? Will we become the Hero of our own lives? Taking this road of the Unknown is the one that requires courage. On this road we will challenge the status quo, we will

face up to the FEAR. Fear is often viewed as debilitating. It can stall us, causing procrastination, sadness and pain. Or, as it has been realized, our greatest discoveries, our greatest breakthroughs, come as a result of facing our fears and challenges.

I have become accustomed to my fear showing up. In fact, now when it does, I realize that I am about to discover something wonderful. When fear shows up, I find that this is the time to pause, to breathe, to reflect prayerfully, meditatively, asking the Divine, “What do I need to understand?” In doing this, I am embracing my fear. I am owning it, and I am blessed with answers. By embracing my fears and going forward, the greatest discoveries are made.

Just as a hero’s story would read, we learn that it was not ever really the “treasure or chest of gold and riches that was the treasure”. Instead, it was the journey, the experience and the sharing of the essence of that journey that turned out to be the true treasure. How cool is that!

Think about the stories that you relate to. In the end, it is courage, the working out of the obstacles, then taking these obstacles on and overcoming them by not playing small, by learning to use our power, taking responsibility and exercising courage we now have the privilege of sharing this with others. That is when we get to bring the gifts we have to share, those gifts that are given us by the Divine, we get to bring them to fruition, to share with others in some way, our uniqueness, which is our gift. In this way we are all gifts, one to another.

So how do we face our fears with courage?

First we notice the fear. How is it showing up? As we are taking this time for mindfulness, we breathe, deep in deep out, and we then ask of the Divine, “What do we need to know or learn here?” You have the answers already. It is a matter of connecting with them, then thank the fear for showing up. We have a new thing learned on account of its showing up. We may need an affirmation. We may need to face the mirror, we may need to remind ourselves that we are whole and complete, that we got this — then we move forward. Our greatest discoveries will come through our embracement of our Fears. So embrace yours. Then tell your story, how ever that is to be for you. Find your “Heart” and follow it.

One more point:

Our mind is a tool. How we use our tool is how we have learned to use it. This is through Habits. (Check the former Blog on Habits) So if Habits can be changed, then we can effectively change our minds through new habits. One of the Seven laws of the Mind, expanded upon in a previous blog, reminds us about The Law of Practice. I encourage you to take time to reread this, along with all these new thoughts in mind.

This will continue to expand in future blogs. If you have comments or questions, you are encouraged to comment. I would love to hear from you.

Remember Your Practice of all the new habits introduced so far will continue to confirm your worth and love. You are beautiful. Don’t play small to your power. Let your light shine. You allow others to do the same and everything becomes bright.

With Love and Gratitude…Laura

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