Learn to Focus Your Intention and Power to Create and Receive

Welcome to the understanding how to learn to focus your intention and power to create and receive program, where we start with that understanding and how to tap into your creative power of prayer. And, when I say prayer…all I mean is a structure to keep directing the Universe.

Prayer will help you to tap into the unlimited force inside you via your Soul connection and the power of your words and praise.  When you focus your intention and power and utilize your personal formula with the Divine to create, you are able to manifest and receive your wants, needs, and desires. You are tapping into your unlimited source.

Let’s start with two questions. How much energy are you wasting on what you don’t want? And, are you willing to refocus that energy?  If you said yes to the previous question, the next step is to download the materials below.

Download the audio that accompanies this information! You can also download a PDF of the material (will include the sample prayer from the new book A Little Book of Prayers). Here’s an audio of Prayer 3 – Gratitude for Love recorded by Melanie Fitzpatrick of www.liveinyourtruth.life.

Here’s why prayer, or as I call it, praise is so important:

  • Prayers are the answer
  • They allow you to bring the intangible to the tangible
  • They allow you to step into power versus lack

How to Create Your Powerful Prayer

  • Recognition
  • Unification
  • Declaration
  • Gratitude
  • Release

Sample Prayer

  • Recognition – There is only one Source. I call this unlimited love and source of the Universe, the Divine.
  • Unification – This Source is in everything in this Universe and so I am this Source. What is true for this Source is also true for me.
  • Declaration – Today, my life is full of ease and freedom. This deep sense of ease and peace is reflected back to me in my finances, in my relationships, and in my creative expressions.
  • Gratitude – I walk in gratitude today for this deep knowing of Source and how I know that I am supported. I simply say thank you for the ease and freedom in my life.
  • Release – I know that I can let go and allow the Universe to deeply support me. In letting go, I allow the Universe to conspire for me today and every day.

Go further in tapping into your own creative power around prayers/praise:

A Little Book of Prayers

Shift and Pray Session – During this session, we talk about your deep desires, conduct some clearing, and then I create a personal prayer for you.

This session is for you when
– you require some support and help in manifestation
– you are aware of the limitations and feelings of lack and are unable to shift them alone
– you are tired of going it alone and need the support of a Master Prayer writer to craft a powerful prayer for manifestation

Finding Your Connection
During a complimentary 15-minute phone session, I will introduce you to the Soul Language program and answer any questions you may have. During this session, one of your three Soul Languages will be identified. The benefits of understanding your Soul Languages are:

– A deeper sense of acceptance of yourself
– A higher sense of self-esteem
– A deeper sense of safety
– A reclaiming of passions
– A new level of speaking your truth

To secure your 15-minute session click here

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