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Residual Revenue is often a topic that comes up with my clients.  As we work together, we find that they often are looking for a way to continue having income flowing into their business while they have more freedom to move on to other possibilities.  Some clients are looking to step away and retire from work altogether.  They are ready for the shorelines and margaritas served by handsome, half-clothed men as they lie in a hammock.  Others have families they want to devote more time and energy to developing and growing.  Others, still, have another business project, another message to bring to the world, or even a higher level of service they wish to provide to fulfill a life purpose they pursue.  All these are valid and credible reasons to begin to look at how you can create more freedom from your current business while keeping its mission and its cash flow alive.  Regardless of your reason for pursuing a stream of residual revenue from your business, there are a few things you need to understand before you set out to build the infrastructure that allows these streams.  This include:

1.     Do you have an established process and client base proving the value of the service you provide?

2.     Do you have a team you trust to fulfill the pieces of your business that will need ongoing attention?

3.     Do you have a proven leveraged business model that you can easily transition to residual streams of revenue?

In order to assess these areas of your business, you can utilize the Residual Revenue Roadmap™ designed to help you walk through the required steps to creating a business with trusted revenues that flow in even when you are away doing the other activities in your life that call to you.  It can often be daunting to try to create freedom for your lifestyle in your business.  As entrepreneurs, we struggle at times to trust the process and even others to carry out the vision we have set in place for our baby (aka business).  When you follow a clear roadmap to success in building this, the process becomes seamless and allows you to grow at exactly the right pace for you to create more time and financial freedom for your life.  Having an established process, a trusted team, and a leveraged business model are three of the steps in that process that can help guide you to residual revenue with ease.

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Dr. Crystal D. Gifford, CFP® is a visionary whose business strategies create passive and residual revenue for her clients giving them the freedom to do the work they want and live the life they want. Crystal’s passion is working with busy six-figure entrepreneurs such as speakers, authors, and coaches to design lifestyle businesses that enable them to serve from anywhere in the world and that continue earning income while actually living their ideal lives. If your audience is looking for lifestyle changes that until now they thought were only a dream, Crystal can help them step up and make those dreams reality.

Speaking since 1999 in front of audiences such as the Global Women’s Summit and Lisa Sasevich’s Impact & Influence, Crystal consistently delivers clear, compelling messages with distinctive charm and wit. Her signature characteristic is her complete willingness to be open and share from the depths of her soul. Modeling her work with her clients which empowers them to deliver influential messages one on one, in print, or from the stage al while building residual income, Crystal is known for captivating audiences and inspiring them to sign up for her programs on the spot. If you are looking for an engaging speaker who can motivate your audience to take committed action, you have found her in Crystal.

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