Sacred Feminine Power: What is it? What does it do? And how can I get some? [Part Two]

Guest Blogger Domenica Papalia
Personal Soul Languages: (AQ) Mentor, (AT) Nurturer and (Tone) Connoisseur
Business Soul Languages: (AQ) Peacemaker, (AT) Motivator and (Tone) Deliberator

The days when women could be homemakers and mothers OR business women are over. Anything and everything is possible now as the mental boundaries we have set are dissolving.

Innate in all women is this extraordinary power that I called Sacred Feminine Power of Creation, and in the previous article I promised to share five practices you can apply immediately to reawaken and express that Sacred Power.

1) Stop looking for solutions to problems that never existed; and the most common ‘problem’ is ‘I’m not good enough’. This is a problem that has never existed so it seems a futile mission to look for the solution. You, Goddess woman; are, were and always have been ENOUGH. An immediate way to apply this practice is to stop comparing yourself to others. You cannot express your Sacred Power of Creation while holding the belief ‘I am not good enough’. When you catch yourself comparing, ask “What would I do or be if this weren’t true?”

2) Beware the words you speak. One of my all-time favourite books is “Mists of Avalon” by Marion Zimmer Bradley, and in one scene Merlin says “Beware the words you speak, for they make shadows of that which is to come. By speaking them we bring them to pass.” Words have great power; use them with awareness of what you are creating.

3) Take time for silence and sit with Goddess energy. State your intention to express your Sacred Feminine Power more consciously and notice the feelings that come up. Do you feel shame, unworthiness, excitement or disbelief? Simply allow the feelings to be there. The body quickly moves towards balance when we stop blocking our feelings.

4) Open to receiving. Your Sacred Feminine Power is magnetic and attractive; it draws your desires to you. This requires you to receive, which is not the same as accepting. Receiving requires an openness and vulnerability that accepting does not. Start small, perhaps a compliment or a small gift. Whatever your first reaction, simply say thank you to accept the gift.

5) Practice self-love. Self-love is a verb, a doing word. ‘I love myself’ are not merely words you repeat when putting on your makeup. Make a short list to answer the question “What do I need/want for me to thrive each day?” It can be as simple as getting enough sleep, drinking enough water, making sure you connect to the Divine each day, moving your body every hour. Then commit to implementing at least 3-4 each day and watch the difference it makes to how you feel about yourself and what shows up in your world.

All of these practices are designed to honour, respect and love YOU, and in turn, allows you to honour, respect and love The Goddess! I would love to hear your ideas and practices.

Domenica is a Human Potential, and Mind/Body/Energy Expert who helps you as an individual facing personal and professional challenges to understand how you are keeping yourself stuck and how to work intentionally with your creative energy and personal power to overcome those challenges permanently.

Domenica is no stranger to personal healing and transformation. Prior to establishing her unique services, she spent 17 years as a Clinical Pharmacist specialising in the multi-disciplinary treatment of disease in hospital and research teams. Her exposure to the daily human challenges in places like hospitals and drug addiction clinics combined with her deep desire to assist people to overcome their challenges permanently; led her to the study and practice of advanced Mind/Body/Energy principles & techniques where she has more than 12 accreditations.

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