The Key to Success – How Do You Know You Have Arrived?

The other day I was speaking to a client who expressed that she was looking out the window in her apartment, feeling angst and wondering “is this it…is this how success feels?” I thought it was a brilliant question.

What does success feel like? What does it look like? And, for those of us on a spiritual journey, how do we know we are experiencing it? So often, we have this idea of success based not on our true desires, but on our programming and what we have been taught to believe success should look like and feel like.

The parameters of success

What if we are all being driven by the simple and yet complex fear of not being safe? What parameters are we placing around what we “be” (consciousness), say and do, and how are we being curtailed by this pervasive fear and deeply programmed need for safety?

I believe success requires a huge amount of courage, strength and bulldog determination. It takes tuning into the strength within and realizing that in the midst of all the human conditions and confusion, you are, at your core, a success.  You are whole and complete just as you are.

One of the core principles I know about success is that time and place do not matter. The successful know from the depths of their soul that success (favorable and accomplished) is theirs to have and to hold.

With this principle as their guide, they are aware everything else is a distraction and are able to  redirect themselves back to the path of success.  This driving force creates a stampede of power that tears through their obstacles, and no matter which road they take they know success is at the end of it.

If you don’t currently possess this core belief around success, how do you go about creating it?

Tapping Into Your Own Greatness

In order to create a new belief or new replicating pattern, we begin within and then take action. Let’s create a thought experiment. Imagine what you desire most to experience in this world. What does it look, feel, smell, sound and taste like? What are the common activities and thoughts in this experience? I would suggest you make some notes about your experience.

We know, from countless spiritual texts and modern quantum physicists, that what you focus on in the intangible becomes tangible.

When you were in your thought experiment, were you focused on the trivial? No. What would happen if your vision of your greatness was focused on all those worries, concerns and inconsequential matters? All that energy would be transformed from the intangible to the tangible. When we connect to our greatness (like you just did in your thought experiment) is that power concerned with fear and suffering? No . . . because they aren’t on the same frequency as greatness.

Your next step is to create a practice to keep tuning into this greatness of yours on a consistent basis. The practice has to be able to fit into your lifestyle and be something you won’t resist. Two very easy practices are to pick a favorite song that reminds you of your greatness and sing it every day, or to consciously connect to your Soul and ask to feel your greatness every day.

You Already Know You Have Arrived

So often, we believe that by achieving our goals, becoming our definition of successful, living in the spotlight we will finally feel like we have arrived. Yet, the truly wise among us know that we have already arrived wherever we desire, and all the rest is just the manifestation or demonstration of that truth.

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