What Do You Really Need To Have A Flow Of Money?

By Jennifer Bloome

What are the steps to having the kind of money flow that you want? Let me ask you two questions first:

How many reasons do you have for wanting more money?

You’ve hit an income ceiling. Want to build retirement funds. Pay off high-interest credit cards. Feeling guilt and shame about debt or the kind of money you’re making. Want money to come in through your soul-path rather than a j-o-b. Simply want more flow for the fun of it.

How many ways have you tried to change the amount of money in your bank accounts?

Budgeting. Saving. Different offers to your community. Amping up your social media. Vision boards. Prayers. Middle of the night panic attacks followed by desperate prayers. Working longer hours. Second jobs. Part-time employment.

If you are doing “all the things” and your flow of money (or any resource) STILL isn’t flowing, your connection with your Soul Abundance foundation is getting in the way.

Soul Abundance is the result of the profound decision to ask for what you want and being open to receive it – no holds barred.

Keys to your Soul Abundance foundation that allow resources to flow like one of those fancy chocolate fountains are: 

  • You embody the knowing that you are Divinity and have access to all Divine resources
  • Know how to ask for the resources
  • Know how to be open to receive those resources

What does this actually look like? What does it mean in real-world terms?

Embody The Knowing — As you participate in your day-to-day life, you are certain of your worthiness and enoughness outside of any accomplishment / non-accomplishment. 

In other words, when something goes wrong, you do not question your personal worthiness or enoughness. That is simply taken for granted. You feel whole and complete regardless of the size of your bank account, the type of business you are running, how much debt you have, how much money you have earned, etc.

You are clear of any family patterns with money, past experiences with money, past experiences with having more of any resource, particularly in relationship to your worthiness to follow your soul-path and live abundantly from it. As you participate with any resource, you realize that it is unlimited. Even as a resource flows out, you are one simple ask from having more flow in.

Ask For The Resources – When it is time to ‘ask’ for resources (more money, more time, more love), you give yourself full permission to ask. There is no hesitancy. There is no guilt or worry or fear. You’re not limiting anyone else because of your ask. You ask from a place of expectation. You are clear that vibrationally expecting something is not the same as being a spoiled brat or an “entitled” person.

You have a deep sense of trust that you can always ask for more. When expenditures come up, you are able to easily and freely allow that money to leave your bank account, knowing that it can and will be replaced as you ask. You are open to your “more” coming in many different forms.

Be Open To Receive – You keep your whole being open and a vibrational match to what you have asked – from the time you ask to the time it enters your bank account, regardless of how long it takes to physically manifest it.

You make your ask and surrender the rest to the Divine, staying open to hear and following through on inspired action steps as needed. You are usually free of fear, worry, doubt, what-ifs, anger, etc. as you wait for your manifestation – and when those feelings do come up, you have the tools to handle them.

As you play with stepping more fully into each of these steps, you will lay a stronger and stronger foundation that will allow a flow of money that you can count on.

Jennifer Bloome is a Soul Abundance Guide, Master Soul Language Practitioner, Energy Medicine Practitioner, and creator of Soul Money Languages. She guides people to make the profound decision to ask for what they want and expect they will get it. Jennifer is also a Business of Soul expert.

Learn more at www.jenniferbloome.com or get started learning how to ask for what you want and get it with the Soul Abundance Meditation Bundle here: https://bit.ly/SAMBundle .

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