3 Ways to Connect

The most intimate and profound relationship that you is with yourself. This tip is to help you connect and expand that relationship. Have fun getting to know YOU.

1. There is always more to know
Do you have a “know it all” attitude? This could be preventing you from feeling that deeper connection with yourself (and therefor having other deeper connections). My suggestion is to take a moment each day to have a conversation with yourself. Remember to be an active listener.

2. Honesty is the best policy
Are you being totally honest with yourself? Are you doing things again and again that just don’t feel right to you? Take a deep breathe and allow your awareness to focus on your tailbone and set the intention to connect with your Tone (personality Soul Language). If your Tone hasn’t been identified yet, just set the intention for you to connect to that part of you. Now, ask your Tone to share with you an area where you haven’t been as truthful as you can be. Now, ask your Tone, what you get to do each day to be more honest with yourself?

3. Find your inner power voice
Your voice is your way of expressing your Divine truth. Take a deep breath, focus on your tailbone and ask your Soul to share with you a song that will help you tap into your Soul’s infinite power. When you need a little power lift, sing the song!

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