Creating Soul Space

March is here!  The buds on the tree outside my office window are already starting to appear.  This time of year is typically when we start to clear out the clutter and give ourselves space to blossom again.

You can create space every day and allow yourself the space to live in Soul.  What does that mean to live “in Soul”?  I can tell you what it means to me, and then you can define it for yourself.

To me to live in Soul is to be in harmony, to feel like I’m being me and, more importantly, to love being me–to allow myself to feel all my emotions without judgment, to experience all of this existence without struggle and strive for the greatest good of all.

Are you ready to hear what your Soul has to say on this subject?  If you feel like you already have a sense, I suggest you try the exercise anyway, because there is always more to understand about yourself.

Take a deep breath and focus on your tailbone, then set the intention to connect to your Axiom Quest, the “mission” Language.  If your Axiom of Quest hasn’t been identified yet, just set the intention to connect with that part of your Soul and your Soul will do the rest.

Now ask your Soul what your definition of living Soulfully is.  With this definition, you now can begin to see when you are not giving yourself the space to live in this definition.  For example: when I don’t express something I’m feeling, I’m not creating the space for me to live in my Soul.

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