Creating Safe Space

The Axiom of Quest (“mission” Soul Language) Equalizer, is about balance, but balance is often misunderstood. To me balance is the right combination of things to create expansion. To others it might be the right combination of things for abundance, joy, peace, or love (see where I’m going with this?).

When you try to do balance like someone else does it, it often fails. You need to understand and find your own formula for balance. One of the most common elements in the formula of balance is SAFETY. I have seen human beings do some strange things to themselves in the name of safety. There is a great line in Dan Brown’s The DaVinci Code: “Men will go to far greater lengths for things that they fear than for things that they love.”

What would happen if every day you felt safe, supported and loved in everything you did? Try the exercise below and then go through your day. Let me know how things change for you.

Take a deep breath and focus on your tailbone (this gives the mind something to focus on so the heart and spirit can do the talking) and connect to your Axiom of Translation. If your Axiom of Translation hasn’t been identified yet, just set the intention to connect to that part of your Soul that is the Axiom of Translation, your Soul will do the rest.

Now, ask your Soul what is currently in the way of you feeling safe. Whatever that thing is, just imagine it being placed in a giant silver bowl. Now ask your Soul and body to place you in a feeling of being safe, supported and loved from head to toe and in every cell of your body.

I suggest checking in throughout the day and asking your Soul and body to place you in that feeling again.

Notice during the day how open you are to receiving. Notice during the day how you have created space for your Soul to express itself.

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