Are You Not Getting What You Want Because You Are Not Receiving?

My brother once called me the strongest woman he knows. I found this to be a great compliment, but it also has been a great challenge.

How has it been a challenge? It has kept me from receiving. Now, imagine (and I have a feeling you won’t have to try too hard) that you want something so bad, but at the same time there is a kind of programming in your body that says, “I’m strong, I don’t need anyone’s help.”

Wow, how crazy is that? The question is, how do you know if you aren’t getting what you want because you are afraid to receive? Ask your Soul. The Soul knows.

Take a deep breath and focus on your tailbone. This gives your mind something to do and allows the Soul to steer the ship. Now, simply ask the question:

Am I not getting what I want because I’m afraid to receive?

If YES, create a conscious connection with your Axiom of Quest (your mission Language). Why the mission Language? Your Soul’s mission knows the resources you need to propel that mission forward. For example, if a Politician (Axiom of Quest), whose mission is to provide forums for speaking the truth, is worried about making the house payment, how can she focus on her mission?

If you don’t know your Axiom of Quest yet, don’t worry. Just ask your Soul to create a conscious working connection with your Axiom of Quest. The benefit of having the formal knowledge is to bring to life what you already know deep inside you.

Take a deep breath and connect, here’s the question that can start the dialogue between you and your Soul. Remember to ask your Soul to show you vividly and clearly, and remember that what your Soul says is profound.

Here’s the question: How can I be more open to receiving?

Now that you have an answer, you can begin to implement that into your life.

If the answer was no, YAY! Don’t stop there. Create a conscious connection to your Axiom of Quest (your mission Language) and ask this question:

How can I expand my receiving?

Creating a conscious dialogue with your Soul is not only for transforming your life, it is also about going deeper. You can always learn more about YOU!

Jennifer Urezzio is an intuitive healer and the founder of Know Soul’s Language. Soul Language is a way to consciously connect with your Soul that was received through Divine Guidance. Understanding your Soul Languages allows you to access your own Soul’s guidance to accept your value, be more confident, have more impact and grow into a stronger leader.

To receive your 15 minute complimentary Soul Language session click here.

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