The Super Hero Soul Part 2: Anatomy of “Real-Life” Super Heroes! – Guest Blogger Mandy Bobolia

Soul Languages: AQ: Pioneer, AT: Huntress, Tone: Conductor

In Part 1 of “The Super Hero Soul” series featured on November 16, 2011 here on Know Souls Language Blog, I was asked, “If you could be any Super Hero, which one would it be and why?” As I shared in that post, initially this seemed an obvious and easy question – of course it’s Wonder Woman. However, as I started to write, what evolved was something much deeper culminating in many deep “AHAs!” The most revelatory for me was that ultimately, Wonder Woman is ME and I AM her!! But more than that – we’re all our own Super Hero at the end of the day! The key for me is keeping this awareness and a daily reconnection with my inner power primary. Since then I continue to practice and I’m working on embracing my inner Wonder Woman daily. 🙂

Interestingly, after I concluded that article with deep gratitude for the experience and the thrilling “AHA” that I’m Wonder Woman… I mean really how cool is that right? Well, as I tend to do–think a lot–I began to ponder outside myself again, thinking about what makes a “real-life” super hero? Thus, part two of this series was born…

The Super Hero Soul Part 2: What is the Anatomy of a ‘Real-Life’ Super Hero? What was clear immediately when I started to explore a little further, and to ask others their thoughts, is that the answers were as varied and unique as each individual. For me, the anatomy of MY “real-life” super heroes are those people in my life who have, and who continue to absolutely love and support me through thick and thin, no matter what, and love me for all of my strengths, human foibles, quirks, triumphs and missteps. They are my cheerleaders and biggest fans. They believe in me when I can’t find it for myself at times. Hmmm, that sounds remarkably unconditional doesn’t it? I have a hard time believing that as human beings we can ever fully love unconditionally (but that’s an entirely separate topic altogether). What I do know without a doubt is that I’ve been blessed to have had people “placed” in my life who come as close to loving unconditionally as is possible!! Again, at this conscious realization, my heart filled to the brim with deep gratitude and love, bringing me to tears.

First, I had my beloved-late mother (taken too soon BUT then again I firmly believe that everything happens as it should), who was the most “imperfect-perfect” soul ever. This is a woman, until her last moments, who would never promise anything she knew she wouldn’t or couldn’t follow through on. Talk about having a “wing-woman” – she was mine and still is today!! My mother was my best friend and would do anything and more for me at the drop of a hat. Case in point – she was terrified to fly and had not gotten on a plane for 30+ years. Yup, I said 30 years. But when I was sick, living in Florida and she was in Montreal, Canada where I’m from originally – I called her up and said , “Mummy I need you,” and she said “I’ll be on the next plane out tomorrow!!” and she was. I can only imagine how petrified she must have been, but her love for me beat out the fear – gotta love-LOVE! I miss her so very deeply everyday, and yet I know that nothing loved is ever lost…

Adding to it all is that I was gifted to have not one set of parents, but I got a second set of parents too. Annie was my nanny when I was born and she became my second “mom.” Then, when she got married to Al when I was 8 years-old – I gained another dad, too. The joke in my family has always been that Annie & Al are my functional set of parents. 😉 A good friend affectionately coined them the “pseudo-parents” years ago and it stuck. 😉 These two incredible people are the embodiment of love and awesome-ness! Over the years I know they haven’t always agreed with my choices, but they have never done anything other than offer love, honesty, guidance, support, refuge and security. With my “pseudos” I know at the core of my being – on a soul level – that they ARE my parents and that I always have a warm home both figuratively and literally with them. They’re not perfect people (nobody is – we’re human after all) but they are pure of heart and full of love to give not just to me but to so many others as well! Thus, my super heroes abound and it’s simply remarkable…

So, for me the answer to the question: What is the Anatomy of a “Real-Life” Super Hero? Simple really – someone who loves me unconditionally (or as close to it) and these are my THREE “Real-Life” Super Heroes; My Mom and Annie & Al!! I have endeavored to return the same back to them and hope I have been successful. Maybe I’ll simply ask!?!

To conclude, I can only share my fervent hope and wish that everyone out there is as blessed as I’ve been, to have a person, or people in their lives, who offer them the same “soul- love” that these incredible individuals have given me for 35 years (and here’s to many more). My goal in this life is to give to even just one other person a measure of the same love that they have given to me. Finally, thank you deeply for the honor of your time with a parting thought: Life is short- so Live, Laugh & Love!! XO

**About the Author: Mandy Bobolia is the Founder of Pioneering Business by Design Consulting (PBDC) She is a Master Business & Visibility Designer/Strategist, working with vanguard entrepreneurs and small businesses to build rock solid organizational business foundations including; systems, team, operations and spotlight strategies. With PBDC, Mandy designs blueprints to streamline, optimize and co-create the thriving, fun & profitable businesses of her clients’ dreams.

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