The Super Hero Soul & Reconnection with Self – Guest Blogger Mandy Bobolia

Soul Languages: AQ: Pioneer, AT: Huntress, Tone: Conductor

“A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles” ~ Christopher Reeve

When I was first asked the question, “If you could be any Super Hero, which one would it be and why?” it was an instantaneous and easy answer for me. No brainer in fact…Wonder Woman of course. Why? Well, let’s just be honest Wonder Woman is one ‘Rockin’ Diva!’  She’s beautiful from the inside out, smart, powerful yet feminine, and all-around loving badass.  Wonder Woman is ALL about being a leader and advocate for truth, integrity, justice, self-care, uncompromising principles, protecting and helping others (many times saving them from themselves), all the while sporting what is easily the “juiciest” outfit in Superhero-dom. She has it ALL going on — and growing up I wanted that, too. I’m fairly certain that I still do… The bigger picture of this question for me was, “How does this all mirror my journey to define, refine and evolve my ‘self?’”

As a little girl, I had that sensational Wonder Woman costume (I know you know which one I’m talking about) and I wore it proudly, while very often my friends were relegated to the not quite as cool Super Heroes out there like Super Girl. OK, so truth time…I’ve always been a bit of a “Miss Bossy-pants” but never with ill intent, in fact, quite the opposite. I was, and still am, a well-intentioned, loving “Miss Bossy-pants,” as well as being a flawed work in progress. That’s another reason I love Wonder Woman. She never proclaimed perfection or superiority over others (well-except for the bad guys of course).

Getting back to my “Wonder Woman-worship” and how the Super Hero we would choose to be, it appears to inform much about our own “self” discovery. As for me, I’ve just always been more of a leader and pioneer naturally and never gave it much of a thought when I was younger. I assumed everyone was like me. It never occurred to me, as young girl, that no one else was stepping up (so to speak) as I just inherently made decisions, filled vacuums for planning, conversation and/or ideas where none existed, created systems from nothing (like my profitable lemonade stand at 6 years-old), structure amidst chaos (family-can’t live with them, can’t live without them-need I say more?!), planned and coordinated friend outings and created the teams when we all played volleyball, saved my allowance week after week for the “just in cases” of life, and was the shoulder for friends and family alike. Having said all of that, let me be very clear. In no way was I perfect, nor do I intend for it to sound as though I think that I am today!! I’m 1000% human with all the flaws, foibles and more that come along with being a work in progress. So, when I learned from the incomparable Jennifer Urezzio that BOTH my personal and professional Souls Languages are the same [rare apparently] and they are: Pioneer/Huntress/Conductor it all started to make sense. The “AHAs” started to flow…and I’m honored to have been asked by Jennifer to share the most profound “AHAs” here with you.

First “AHA” – there’s no doubt as to why Wonder Woman is my girl!! I have a never-ending yearning to feel seen, heard, validated, empowered and safe and by extension, to advocate and bring that to others as well. That explains my passion for working with women who are victims of domestic violence. “Being” Wonder Woman (both growing up and still today) provides a powerful protective cloak allowing me to be seen, heard, respected and empowered but within distinct but unspoken limits (can anyone say, “still working on using my voice to set boundaries?”).

Second “AHA” – is that my inner Wonder Woman (aka Miss Bossy-pants) is without a doubt the route of my total inability to think inside the lines (so to speak) all these years. I pretty much exist “out of the box” daily and I’m grateful. Not always the case, for years I thought I was broken as I tried to be “normal” and work a 9am-5pm (or today-more like 7-am-7pm) J-O-B. Ahhh nope, wasn’t going to happen. I’m an entrepreneurial, pioneering spirit period!! As a result, I jumped from job to job and then onto a good career, to even better career positions, but I just couldn’t stay very long. I felt shackled spiritually, emotionally, intellectually…totally disempowered, and realize now, totally stripped of my Wonder Woman powers. Then one day, an inner voice (the Divine/my Higher Power) whispered, “Oh just accept it, you don’t want to be ‘normal’ – you want to be YOU so just jump Mandy!” The rest is history with all the ups, downs and curveballs that come with living outside the lines. Still, I have my inner Wonder Woman (aka ME) to thank for my success working as an organizational, operations, systems, team, and marketing professional consultant/strategist. Plus, what FUN it’s all been!?!

Third “AHA” – Super Heroes have to stretch limits and break barriers right? As my journey of self-discovery has continued… Out of a 10 year marriage, losing both Aunt and then my beloved mother (who was my best friend and real life Super Hero) within 8-weeks of one another~ way too soon, and into my mid-thirties as a single woman standing in front of a blank canvas, I wondered, “Do I even know how to paint anymore?” Radical truth: It’s freakin’ scary and exhilarating all at the same time being me right now. So, when Jennifer asked me which Super Hero I would be, it sparked a flood of memories, emotions and a creative spark was reignited. Most of all, it was the start of my reconnection with my inner Wonder Woman again (really with myself). I think about my Wonder Woman outfit from so long ago – gold headband and all – and now standing in front of the blank canvas I think, “How cool is this?” I can just throw the paint and create my life anew. Remarkable!

When I read the quote that I opened with by Christopher Reeve, it made me cry, unabashedly ball my eyes out. I cried tears of deep grief, soul sadness and super joy. The truth of his words on the heels of my “AHAs” and reconnection with MY-Self (aka inner Wonder Woman) just opened an emotional floodgate and it was intense. What’s more, my ongoing personal “work in progress” is on display here as I share this. I’m now realizing Wonder Woman is ME and I AM her!! We all have our fave Super Hero characters, and we all have people in our lives who are real-life Super Heroes to us over the years. Ultimately, the most profound AHA of all is that we’re all our own Super Hero at the end of the day! The key for me is keeping this awareness and a daily reconnection with my inner power primary. As a result, painting my blank canvas is just another opportunity to grow and be thankful. Wow, this all seems even more fitting with Thanksgiving & family time upon us. Wishing ALL a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving!!

“Wonder Twins Powers Activate…” ~The Justice League (via reminder by Jennifer Urezzio)

**About the Author: Mandy Bobolia is the Founder of Pioneering Business by Design Consulting (PBDC) She is a Master Business & Visibility Designer/Strategist, working with vanguard entrepreneurs and small businesses to build rock solid organizational business foundations including; systems, team, operations and spotlight strategies. With PBDC, Mandy designs blueprints to streamline, optimize and co-create the thriving, fun & profitable businesses of her clients’ dreams.

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