Why I Take Resistance Personally

Are you ready to really understand something big? Ready — everything in our world is a reflection of a part of us. This is why I take resistance so personally. What I mean by personally is I’m talking about in regard to me not directed or intended towards me.  As a Teacher of Integrity (Soul Language; Axiom of Translation), I know that individuals are seeking my help and guidance to come back into unconditional love with themselves.  So for a better life for myself and to help other individuals in a deeper way, I get to work the resistance.  Here are some of my ahhs:

1. Words Are Powerful

Often our words will let us know what we are resisting. I often notice words or sayings that keep coming up in my life and examine the deeper meaning in them.  An example of this recently was HOME.  Every time I heard the word home (and I was hearing it a lot), something in me would feel a longing.  Finally, I sat down with my Soul Language team (my Soul) and had a conversation about this word.  What I discovered was that my Soul had a deeper desire to connect in a more profound way to the Divine and really feel at HOME in that connection.

2. Feelings Are Powerful

Resistance is just an opportunity to love yourself more. I used to roll my eyes at that statement.  It is a cliche because it is true!  I pay attention to my feelings and if I’m feeling discomfort, fear, doubt that is a chance to examine why I’m resisting the truth (that I’m one with the Universe/Divine/God). That’s all resistance is truly about, is you resisting being one with the Divine.

3. You Are Powerful

A friend shared a vision that she has of me — it was beautiful and marvelous.  It allowed me to pause and accept more deeply how powerful I am.  This is not Ego gone wild, this is fact. The fact is we are all powerful creators.  When you accept that, you understand how to create.

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