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Experiencing & Overcoming Feelings of Failure and Self-Worth

One of the informational tools that I’ve picked up along my journey has been hand-analysis. I found it so helpful that I took Baeth Davis’ course and I’m including a hand-analysis in an upcoming in-person course, Soul Success — Loving and Accepting You, on July 31st.  The most important information that I felt hand-analysis provided me with […]

2010, blueprint, community

Understanding Family Dynamics

Our family dynamics shape so much in our lives.  They shape our definitions of love and self-worth.  They influence our relationship with the Divine.  They set up our fears and our beliefs.  There is every kind of parenting book imaginable out there, from getting your children to sleep to fostering an intuitive child. Several years

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You Have The Freedom to Choose!

I’m always learning and expanding. That means that I’m participating in classes, workshops and events that I believe will help me to expand and support my success. Recently I participated in Laura West’s Joyful Business Guide™ Business Attraction Call. Laura was discussing infusion words, which is what she calls the words that contain a focused

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