soul language

soul language

5 Ways to Use LinkedIn to Up Your B2B Marketing Game

LinkedIn has come a long way in the past few years. What used to be just another business networking website has developed into a space where you can showcase your business and connect with other businesses in the process. Now, business-to-business (B2B) marketing is more popular on LinkedIn than ever before. B2B marketing is businesses

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What Do You Really Need To Have A Flow Of Money?

By Jennifer Bloome What are the steps to having the kind of money flow that you want? Let me ask you two questions first: How many reasons do you have for wanting more money? You’ve hit an income ceiling. Want to build retirement funds. Pay off high-interest credit cards. Feeling guilt and shame about debt

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Learn To Live Fearlessly

Grief after losing a loved one can be both heartbreaking and heart-opening. When my husband, David Beynon Pena, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2015 until he died in September 2016, we learned to live fearlessly. Somehow, my self-doubt and fear of embarrassment about fulfilling my bucket list items, like speaking on stage and singing

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Exploring Spirituality

Exploring spirituality is a powerful mechanism for self-awareness, growth and evolution. Opening to spiritual exploration is for some, an ever-present call, for others perhaps a spontaneous awakening, or the result of a life-altering experience. Leveraging the Inspiration Whatever the mechanism, unfolding and leveraging the inspiration, insights, awareness gleaned from spiritual practice happens through anchoring and

soul language

Google Doesn’t Have The Answers – You Do

Warner is painting a lot lately – which means we are YouTube-ing many topics about painting and art. Just recently, we were watching a painter talk about inspiration, and not waiting for it. The most successful painters are the ones that paint even when inspiration doesn’t seem to be calling. I figure it’s like having

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