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Expeditions in Faith – Being Consciousness in Finding Your Way

How much pressure do we put on ourselves to “make the right decision?” Well, if you are like me, I believe I’m Atlas. What happens to my awareness and consciousness when that knowing just isn’t available yet? Does that mean we aren’t being conscious or we aren’t connected? I believe that gives us a chance to be open to being ourselves in a new way.

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Beyond the Buck – Getting to the Deeper Meaning of Your Life’s Work – Guest Post by @MikiStrong

Personal Soul Languages: AQ: Observer, AT: Partner Tone: Disillusionist Business Soul Languages: AQ: Observer, AT: Nurturer Tone: Driver Can you feel it? Times are changing and the way we do business is changing as well. We’re craving a deeper, more fulfilling experience when we invest our money in products and services – we’re looking for

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