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The Woo Woo of Money

By Megan Walrod Would you rather be codependent with money or create with money? Funny question, yeah? But you know, I used to be really codependent with money. (Just like I used to be in my other relationships.) I thought my very survival depended on money. I also felt like money had power over me.

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Exploring Spirituality

Exploring spirituality is a powerful mechanism for self-awareness, growth and evolution. Opening to spiritual exploration is for some, an ever-present call, for others perhaps a spontaneous awakening, or the result of a life-altering experience. Leveraging the Inspiration Whatever the mechanism, unfolding and leveraging the inspiration, insights, awareness gleaned from spiritual practice happens through anchoring and

2021, guest blogger, knowledge

You Just Be You

I held my first crying newborn at only 11 years old.  He was 2 weeks old and the 3rd child of a family I babysat for, this was long before cell phones and he was inconsolable.  So, I did what any scared 11 year old would do: I picked up the phone (a landline) and

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